Monday, January 20, 2014

Downton Abbey 4.3 (SPOILERS)

Yesssssssssss!! Edna is gone forever. Let's hope. What a satisfying smackdown that was, from Tom, then Mrs. Hughes, then (the best, in my opinion), Thomas the schemer himself.

E. Dith. What are you thinking, my friend? Is this the same woman who tattled on her sister to the Turkish Embassy? Speaking of, I've sensed that the tension between Mary and Edith is ratcheting up again. Mary can be so mean, almost unintentionally, it seems.

The "love interest proposes to Mary" box can now be ticked. I suppose it was tastefully done, though Lord Gillingham himself is a bit flat. His admiration of Mary smacked of insta-love to me, even if they were friends as children, or whatever. It's interesting that the show basically chose someone for Mary who is the anti-Matthew: dark, aristocratic, and rich, with long-term (non-familial) ties to the Crawleys.

Also, is Mabel Lane Fox the most divine name for a woman ever or what??


Jen said...

We're only 3 episodes in, and we've already experienced events which could result in 3 potential pregnancies. (Thumbs-down.) It's getting a little bit....tired.

That last scene...where Tom and Mary are heading to York in the car and the two nannies are pushing their babies in 2 identical prams in the opposite direction...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. As a mom, that made my little heart ache a little bit.

I thought the scene between Bates and Lord Grantham was charming--I like it when we see a little more humanity upstairs.

Crys said...

Thanks for these. I get to read them and stay caught up enough to know I just am not ready to come back...maybe ever. Hurrah for Sherlock being back. Oh Mabel...I have a friend who named her daughter that. The daughter is adorable. It has not helped the name grow on me at all....but then I actually call my daughter by two totally separate pronunciations of her name on purpose so that she will feel fine regardless of what people call her. Obviously I'm a weirdo :)

Bridget said...

But but but: Mabel PLUS "Lane Fox" is diviiiine.

Yes, Jen - I was too optimistic after the first episode when I noted we had no secret pregnancy possibilities. :/


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