Monday, January 27, 2014

Downton Abbey 4.4 (SPOILERS)

You know, Mr. Bates has a dark side, enough that for a while there during Season 2, I thought maybe he really DID kill Vera. And truthfully, I think that plot would have been more interesting than the lovey-dovey stuff we endured in Season 3. But yikes, do not cross that man. Personally, I think Anna should tell him who it was and have done with it.

ANYWAY. Did you know it was possible to say "uh-oh" with a British accent? It is! Baby Sibyl did it and it was the cutest thing ever to happen on the show, THE END.

Trouble in paradise. The BFFdom between Lady Violet and Mrs. Crawley seems to be in jeopardy. I hope they work it out because I love those two.


Ariana said...

The UH-Oh with an accent even caught my 4 year old's ear. He has started noticing foreign accents...which yielded one rather embarrassing experience. I took him to lunch at a Chinese place, and the cashier had a pretty thick accent. The (usually shy) 4 year old pipes up and says, "Hey, you sound like the Slow Mo Guys!" (English youtube funny-guys if you haven't seen their stuff.) That was interesting to explain...

Jen said...

I *rewound* (don't know what other word to use!) to hear the "uh-oh" more than once! ADORABLE.

I was happy for a more tame episode....(save Bates/Anna/Hughes). Man-Evelyn is back, and Mosely was awkward again, and Edith was lost a little bit....But, you know, no secret that's a win.

Alli E. said...

I adored the uh-oh too!!!


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