Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10th, outsourced

It's not often that news out of Syria warms my heart, but this story of a Syrian band giving "flash" street performances did.

Ah, reporters doing ridiculous things on air will never get old: fainting in the snow edition. [HT Andrew]

How to make Hollywood less sexist in two easy steps. [HT BCC]

You've probably seen this already: crazy T-Rex illusion. Our brains and eyes are weird.

Local girlfriend overdoses on lotion.

What you get when 30 people draw a world map from memory. Sorry, British Isles!

Paper is not dead. Mwahahahaha. [HT Ariana]

Laura Ingalls Wilder is not impressed by your Polar Vortex.

Jeremy and I have been giggling all week at this Arab-American college student who pranked the local news.

Is this survey about how Muslim women "should" dress all over the place where you live? It's all over the place here.


Susanne said...

I saw that word sharmouta in a book a few years back, yet when I used it my Syrian friend insisted that it was not fit to use (and asked me not to), and that there was a more respectable word for "whore." Um, OK. And he's not like some prude or anything.

What is the reaction to that survey re: proper attire for Muslim women where you live? Are they surprised it was even worth studying or are they flattered that "we" care so much? I've seen it on my FB news feed, and shared it because I find stuff like that interesting. Number 4 was the most common among Syrian Muslims from what I remember from our visit. What is it like in Sharjah?

Kathy Haynie said...

Love the T-Rex illusion. I can't get my brain to stop seeing what it wants to see. Love Geena Davis' fix for Hollywood. Yes! Please! I will be using the Paper is not Dead video in class on Monday (we're writing about technology) - thank you so much. And yes, Laura Ingalls. I have been thinking about her again. The Long Winter. So amazing. Thanks my Friday afternoon play time!


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