Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Stuff I watched in 2013

Movies I saw in the theater in 2013:

Les Miserables. That's it.

I watched these shows in their entirety:

Downton Abbey Season 3
Sherlock Season 2
Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls
The Amazing Race Seasons 22 & 23

Kind of a tame year for visual media consumption. There are about a dozen movies I'm hoping to see once my post-baby-bedtime attention span improves (and the movies show up on iTunes).


Crys said...

Everest Beyond The Limit...just saying ;-)

Liz Johnson said...

I never did post my thoughts on Les Mis (since I finally saw it). Here's my review: "meh."

I'm trying to think of the movies I saw in the theater last year... I saw "Dallas Buyer's Club" (really really good), "The Great Gatsby" (meh), "Anchorman 2" (nowhere near as funny as the first one), "World War Z" (I had to be coerced into watching this one, and it was ridiculous)... and I think that's it. 1/4!

I watched a bunch more on Redbox, though. My very favorite "date night" is a Chipotle burrito and a redbox on my couch.


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