Sunday, February 23, 2014

A new book on the shelf (it's my thesis)

Guess what I picked up at the Library Archives today?


After admiring the cover for a while, I flipped right to the Acknowledgements. I didn't write that page until the day before I turned in the final copy of the thesis. All the time before that, it was a blank page save for "Text of Acknowledgements." I put it off because I thought it would be so hard to write. How do you properly thank (OK, "acknowledge") the people who have made a year's worth of work possible?

Turns out, the words flowed easily right from my brain to the page, almost of their own accord. I thought I might go back to edit it once more before turning it in, but it ended up staying as it was.

I love reading book/thesis acknowledgements, and in case you do, too, here is mine.


Nancy said...

Wonderful! :) What a year you've had—congratulations!

And what beautiful binding that thesis has (one of the nicest I've seen, honestly).

Liz Johnson said...

It's beautiful!!! And that's a wonderful acknowledgements page. I'm so excited for you and proud to call you my friend!

Crys said...

Aww, it is so beautiful, as we're your acknowledgements!

Susanne said...

I love it!

Jen said...

That's gorgeous. Congratulations!
The acknowledgement pages of graduate theses and dissertations always make me a little bit emotional. Graduate work really is a group effort on the part of so many people--lots of investment from a wide swath of interested parties. It's amazing how much people give for 1 graduate degree! I'm so glad you had that kind of support.

Bridget said...

What an unusual compliment! I know it is an educated one, so thanks!

Cait said...

Oh Bridget, that is lovely! I think my favorite acknowledgement to someone's kid was a book I read last semester that said something like "actually this book was written no thanks to you because you did nothing but get in my way..." It was funnier and cuter than that, but I like yours better.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

A great big congratulations--your first book is now in print!

breanne said...

Congratulations! I'm going to agree with Nancy...that really is beautiful binding! (I still keep up with your blog, even though I rarely comment. Having recently finished my own graduate degree, I love seeing your posts about the process!)


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