Friday, February 07, 2014

February 7th, outsourced

Remember when cutesy answering machine greetings were a thing? Yeah.

Twenty weird things about attending BYU. [HT Jeanelle]

Do you ever have those times where you wonder how on earth you and some other person/people belong to the same country/church/etc.? This furor over the Coke commercial is one of those times. (Content warning: stupid people using f-bombs.)

Inside the Google Fiber commercial filmed in Provo, Utah.

Downton Abbey valentines! [HT Elisa]

How many pleasant days a year are there where you live (in the US)? My hometown gets 59. [HT Andrew]

Speaking of weather: mesmerizing AND educational - wind patterns around the globe. [HT Kathy]

Fathers and mothers work the same number of hours, but they experience that time differently. [HT Bryce]

Would you nurse a stranger's baby? [HT Liz]

My SIL in NYC sent me this run-down of the slush puddles in the city. [HT Kristi]

Here is a run-down of all the figure skating drama to expect in Sochi. I hope I hope I hope The Atlantic does GIF guides this year like they did for gymnastics two years ago!

Speaking of Sochi: I'm sure you've heard of the various, um, quirks of hotels and such there. I feel strangely bad for laughing at these. Sochi is a city that is probably trying its best and its feelings are probably being sorely hurt from being turned into a laughingstock. That said, I cannot stop laughing at these, even the ones that are old news from living in a few developing countries myself: here, here, here, and here.


Nancy said...

I loved that BF-ing post. I think it's awesome and I'd totally do it. That said, I've donated milk before (both to a milk bank and to a friend's adopted baby (she thinks breast is best but as an adoptive mom wasn't in lactating mode).

Liz Johnson said...

Both SB and Midland get 62 days/year, although in 2014, the total count has been ZERO. Seriously, could it just be above freezing for one day? Please? Pretty please?!

And can I just point out that SLC is 38 days/year? I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thought the weather out there was terrible.

Did you see the SNL skit where they were having OBVIOUSLY heterosexual dudes do ice dancing and ice skating? It was hilarious.

And yes, I was floored when people hated the Coke commercial. I mean... really?

elliespen said...

I think the "pleasant days" thing is slightly misleading based on the criteria the author established for "pleasant." But it's also interesting.

Either I was completely out of the loop at BYU or a lot of things have changed since I graduated, but a lot of those things I had never really heard of. (People really go to the hospital cafeteria for late night snacking?)

That BF story made me cry. So lovely.

I admit I am thoroughly enjoying the media-hotel spectacle of Sochi. But my very, very favorite thing about it has been the Russian response that the reporters are lying and exaggerating the problems just to make Russia look bad and THEY HAVE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO PROOF! See here:
When I read that article I thought of your stories about living in Russia and the time your newspaper clipping disappeared. So great.

Jen said...

I had no idea that going to UVRMC to eat in the cafeteria was a thing. BUT, Joe and I went there a lot during grad school (~8-9 years ago). We thought it was our little secret!! We discovered it when Joe had surgery and a friend clued us into the burnt almond milkshakes. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Bridget said...

Yes, not all of the BYU quirks rang true to me, but others did.

Shut the front door BURNT ALMOND MILKSHAKES???


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