Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sochi Olympics!

Hooray for the Olympics! Thoughts:

1. How annoying is it that the only for reals legit way to watch coverage of the Olympics is through NBC's website? And even that only with a paid cable subscription? I would be all over a one-time-fee subscription to Olympics coverage. But that option does not exist.

2. And then, THEN, the coverage that is on NBC's website is super hard to navigate. I had this same problem four years ago - accidental spoilers, trouble loading videos, difficulty tracking down the specific video I wanted to see. Magdalena and I spent a good while this morning trying to find a simple run-through of the major ice dancing routines and were ultimately unsuccessful.

3. Speaking of, I have not forgotten my surprise love for ice-dancing. I can still remember Virtue and Moir's amazing routines from four years ago.

4. I made a point of catching Lipnitskaya's team short program skate. She's good, technically, but I was left unmoved by her performance. We'll see what she brings later on.

I plan on watching more than figure skating. Once I figure out the website, anyway. How about you?


Crys said...

What??? #4???? I heard she was AMAZING....although I'll agree that from the part I saw...the spin, sure it is amazing but please show me the Olympic skater who isn't. It made me think back to this article I just read about Surya Bonaly. Did you used to watch her skate? Yes I often saw her fall but I also saw her push the boundaries of what was done in a truly awesome way!

Glenda The Good said...

Ok so I got on now to watch (borrowing access from our In-laws) and seriously it is so annoying! All I want to watch is the figuring skating from last night. I have to wait until 3pm to watch it. Does it make any sense that in the day and time we live in when a growing number of people consume their media via Netflix, Hulu, or using DVR that they just don't put everything that has been done already and you can pick and choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it. I would actually pay or that privilege. Dumb! Get rid of your CEO and hire a 20 year old to tell you how to present media....just my two sense.

Ariana said...

Yeah, but you got to see Downton Abbey already. ;-)
Seriously though, we have dish network and can watch olympic stuff on 2, maybe 3 channels. But the coverage is super lame. The opening ceremonies were full of yapping by commentators with a clear agenda.

Bridget said...

Allow me to clarify. I thought Lipnitskaya was very skilled, but I didn't FEEL her performance on the same level as, say Oksana Baiul (the skater some people are comparing her to).

What kind of an agenda can an Olympics commentator possibly have?? Lame. I remember watching the 2002 games on EuroSport in Moscow and they have almost no commentary. It was glorious.

Sherwood family said...

We're at the in-laws and are having a fun time using their dish subscription. Right now I just heard that the US won third in the skating competition. We were on vacation for the summer 2012 Olympics and now we have home leave for the winter. I guess we just have good vacation planning. I'm happy to be in the US for the Olympics!

Jen said...

I'm so sad that you don't have access to It's THE BEST. (For your US readers, it's basically an online service that acts as a digital antenna for you. It picks up the free network signals over the air and then streams it to your computer...or Roku, which is what we use. It's only $8/month and comes with DVR space...and there is a free 1-month trial, which is perfect for viewing the Olympics. We DVR all of the NBC olympic coverage and watch it in the afternoon and evenings. It's great! But it's not in every city in the US yet, unfortunately.)

Bridget said...

Yes, she was awesome! I wish she could have done the backflip in competition.

Ariana said...

It was a constant commentary of why different countries are angry with each other. I just wanted them to focus on the athletes, not the politics.


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