Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tourists of everyday life

My parents and niece are on their way to the airport, going home. They were here for 3.5 weeks, seeing the sights and traveling around the UAE and Oman with us. However, since it was such a long visit, they've been tourists not only of the tourist stuff, but tourists of our everyday lives.

While they were here, my parents and niece got to know the ordinary and the mundane of living here. They went with us on kids' doctor visits and trips to the grocery store and my niece even got to spend a day with the girls at school. It was so wonderful to have them see their grandkids in their own element instead of jet-lagged and disoriented in the US.

Now the house seems empty and especially devoid of available arms to hold Sterling for me. I shed a few tears as the taxi drove them away. I seem to be feeling this goodbye especially keenly since our last one was so chaotic and uncertain. We looked forward to their visit for so long, and it was so fun while they were here, and now it's over.

Starting tomorrow, our everyday life will just be everyday life, with no tourists looking on to make things interesting.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

We miss you all deeply. Several times today we brought up how y'all must be doing today--Majd's illness, Meme's injury, and Sterling losing half his fan club.

Julee said...

Its always sad when family has to leave. I empathize with you!

Bridget said...

Thanks, Julee!


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