Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Jeremy was on TV in Oman

Jeremy was in Oman for a conference on Sunday and Monday at Sultan Qaboos University. He presented on Sunday morning and then attended a book fair in the evening, where he somehow ended up being interviewed on live television, in Arabic.

They even put makeup on him beforehand! The topic of the interview was the importance of reading. Jeremy estimates that he was on air for about ten minutes. We still aren't sure exactly how this whole thing ended up happening - it was very last-minute for him.

But hey, now he can cross "appearing on live TV in Oman" off his list of things he never thought he would do in life.

PS - as he waited in the gate area at the airport for his flight from Sharjah to Muscat, he saw a dude board a flight to Saudi Arabia holding a live falcon. Awesome.


Blair Walker said...

That's funny - I usually leave my falcon at home when traveling.

Kathy Haynie said...

I'm sure I saw falcons on the TSA list last weekend. How awesome that Jeremy is also a reading authority - just in time for Dr. Seuss's bday. Good times.

Liz Johnson said...

The live falcon thing is so hilarious. What on earth?! Why do you EVER need to travel with a falcon?? I'm so confused. Hahahaha.

Did Jeremy enjoy the stage makeup? And was he on the side of "yes, reading is good for you," or did he take a more controversial stance? :)


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