Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14th, outsourced

I thoroughly enjoyed this safety instructions dance from a flight attendant. Those kicks! That enthusiasm in the face of a few completely unimpressed passengers!

The new film Noah will not be shown in the UAE because it violates Islams prohibition of visual depiction of prophets.

I vaguely knew that the internet is supported by physical cables that run under the ocean, mostly because I remember one of them being severed a few years ago and cutting off a few countries from the web. But to see it in a visual - wow.

STFUParents does wacko baby names!

The Lilly Ann workout. Sterling does this one many times a day. [HT Sarah]

This guy lost a bet with his brother so he had to dance at a public intersection in Provo. [HT...someone]

I was delighted by Ken Jennings' interview with the creator of Jeopardy!

These 51 baby names are now banned in Saudi Arabia. I scanned the list and as for Saudis specifically, I've only had one student with one of the names. I wonder how he feels to be blacklisted.


Glenda The Good said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Lilly ANN...those arm rolls were the best! My favorite part was when he turned and said, "I love you" and she patted his shoulder. Seriously adorable. Banned names...awesome. My mother-in-laws name made the list. I'll have to tell her. Bummer deal on the Noah movie. I'm usually not a huge fan of religious movies. I blame a certain movie that shall remain nameless that to be honest at this point I actually have difficulty not falling asleep during (I blame the dark, the cushy chairs, and the quiet feeling of peace) but the Noah movie looks pretty darn exciting. Guess you'll have to find a boot leg copy ;)

Liz Johnson said...

Aileen?! So is the song "Come On Eileen" also banned in Saudi Arabia?! The nerve.

My kids have a friend named Einar. Almost Ainar. So close.

Those baby names were just terrible. I'm not surprised by the Game of Thrones names, though. I have like three Facebook friends who have named all of their children out of Lord of the Rings. It was only a matter of time before people moved to Game of Thrones.

This is probably the most intelligent comment you've ever received, but how do they guarantee that fish/marine life don't dig up the cords? Are they buried that deep? HOW DID THEY DO THAT?! I always knew that's how we got the internet everywhere, but the logistics are baffling. To me, anyways.

That dancing video had me prancing around my living room. Good times.

Bridget said...

I had never even heard of Noah until this article. So good on them.

Bridget said...

The more I think about those cords, the less I understand how that could possibly work. I agree: HOW DID THEY DO THAT?


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