Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28th, outsourced

Dresses made out of paper! For a 4-year-old! [HT Crys]

Babies need pets. Specifically dogs.

The last case of polio in India. [HT Suzanne]

Maids prepare for UAE military service (satire alert).

The end of Upworthy-style headlines??!?!?

You know how you only ever see photos of famous landmarks up close, out-of-context? Here are some alternate views.

Funny workplace notes. I can't get enough of these. [HT Jeremy]

This kid's dad creates mini action movies, starring him! [HT Jeremy]

The only way this The Office Time Machine could be cooler is if it were The Simpsons instead. Amazing work. [HT Jen]

McSweeney's description of a faux advertisement. And then of course, someone goes out and makes said advertisement for real (and I think it, in turn, is an advertisement for the company who made it).

Don't be alarmed, but the Sand Tiger Shark eats its siblings in embryo. My kids LOVED this video. It's that perfect mix of "ewwwww!!!!/coooooool!!!!!" [HT Crys]


Nancy said...

That shark video—ahhhh! So gross! Also...I'm not sure I'd want something with teeth like that living inside of me. Just sayin'

Bridget said...

Oh, they're just "milk teeth," nbd.

Hannah said...

Those workplace notes really put some of the places I've worked into perspective. Apparently, there is far worse workplace disfunction out there than I have ever experienced. :)

Jen said...

The sharks. I can't. I. Just. Can't.

Sarah Cook said...

I wish we had a picture of the pyramids from inside the KFC we ate at RIGHT across the street from them.

And, I don't even want to watch the shark video. EW!

Sarah Cook said...

The paper dresses are so creative. And the work signs are hilarious!!


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