Friday, March 07, 2014

March 7th, outsourced

Ignore the chip-on-your-shoulder tone (basically, all the text except the identifying captions) and take a look at these photos/pictures of women breastfeeding their children in public in the olden days (including a Mormon chapel - the 1871 picture). [HT Jeanelle]

This NYT article about Mormons, women, and missions was pitch-perfect.

"Part of Your World" in Google Translate. [HT Ariana]

What's your Travolta-ified name? I am now Brodie Palmzer. [HT Jen. And seriously, what even happened with that? Who cannot name Idina Menzel OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD these days?]

Woman becomes Glasgow's 87th-most-popular tourist attraction on TripAdvisor.

Corpus Libris - completing the dust jacket cover photos of books. This is a great antidote to all those headless book cover photos you see these days. [HT Jen]

What languages sound like to foreigners.

I kept seeing this speed-reading app news bite show up on fb but I thought there was no way it was for real. Then I tried the demo. You guys, it's kinda for real.

Somebody (this adorable toddler) has spent a LOT of time at mom's choir practice in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. [HT Jessie]

National Geographic on the status of the walled Old City of Damascus these days.

I'm going to put a warning on this one. It's not graphic but it is extremely sad and you will not be able to un-remember it. This is why I have recurring nightmares about Syria. Because it's not a "there" to me. It's a "here." What if the war in Syria were happening in the West?


Ariana said...

That NYT article quoted Pres. Shin! Cool! Do you remember the Shins from our stake in Oregon?

Ariana said...

Referenced, I mean. Not quoted. Anyways, we love the Shins! Their kids are all scattered around not far from me in Utah. I run into them fairly often.

Kathy Haynie said...

Love the breastfeeding pics (not the captions). I always loved that there is a mama breastfeeding her baby next to one of the handcarts in the classic Mormon painting by CCA Christensen (link here:

The last link about a Western child in a war situation was way too creepy.

As for speed reading - I can't help but wonder how that would work with things like challenging literature - the kind I go back and re-read - I don't think I want to be speed reading that. Sorry - English teacher snobbery. :)

Merkley Jiating said...

I am travolta-fied as Elijah Morphay. I kind of like it.

This made me laugh. Some people are really crazy when they decide to make a point.

Liz Johnson said...

That last video was really incredible. Thank you for linking it.

Liz Johnson said...

And also, my Travolta name is only Lois Johnzon. I feel like I'm getting cheated! Not weird enough at all!


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