Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18th, outsourced

I love the idea of these faux-old-fashioned maps, customized to a particular road trip or journey or community!

Wheel of Fortune FAIL. [HT Blair]

The CNN pregnancy test, for when you want to know that they don't know. [HT Andrew]

Babies cry at night as part of an elaborate plot to keep Mom tired so she doesn't want to procreate again anytime soon. Sounds about right. [HT Andrew]

Warning: you won't be able to unsee these examples from a Nicolas Cage-themed art exhibition that was held last weekend in San Francisco.

I posted a link to the prototype for this zip-up bed linens product a few months ago. It has a Kickstarter now! The price point is a little higher than I can personally manage (and also, we have freak Middle Eastern-sized mattresses), but I LOVE the idea!

Babies in Ridiculous Poses. The fact that many of these are composites was news to me! I am relieved to know that professional photographers, at least, are not shoving babies into jars of candy. [HT Missy]

I know this is technically a commercial, but it is charming: An & Ria's First Flight. You cannot convince me she doesn't say "Hot diggity!" at 2:22. [HT Josie]

Missing Child Found Safe Inside Claw Machine is Safe, Probably Bummed to be Rescued.

The private lives of public toilets. I read this article and then immediately wanted to anonymously send a copy to my department's cleaning lady re: The Bathroom Incident. [HT Andrew]

I think these are the same few photographs that make the rounds every year, but I, for one, was happy/FREAKED OUT to see them again: Vintage Easter Bunny Photos. [HT Jessie]

A map of all the places where nobody lives! Yes, it uses census data, but it does not rely on counties so it really is showing you were nobody lives. [HT Jen]


Liz Johnson said...

That baby-crying article was really interesting. Is this also the reasoning behind children peeing on the walls and emptying whole cartons of eggs onto the floor (reducing the likelihood of a sibling)? Because if so... it's working.

I'm gonna be honest - I would welcome unisex bathrooms with open arms. I have way too much debate about sending my boys into the men's room in public places. They're old enough to feel ashamed at using the women's room, but I worry about flashers and other creepsters at their young ages (and really all ages, but hey). I sometimes wonder if bathrooms would be less creepy/vulnerable places if everybody used the same one.

And you're right - I'm majorly creeped out by those Nicholas Cage pictures. My goodness.

Crys said...

I need one of those maps! Too bad I'm guessing it would cost close to our total trip price! Do we have any data supporting kid in the claw machine wasn't just an elaborate baby photo set up ;). Ah public restrooms again. I think this is why I'm so reluctant to potty train cheetah! I'm pretty sure my nursing night children are the reason my kids are spaced two and a half years apart with really poor birth control use on my part. Both peach and cheetah nursed to two years old and they both also would come in to co sleep and nurse way longer than most people would find acceptable. Sometimes it was annoying but not have a period for 18 months after each of them was AWESOME! Also not having eight kids in 12 years of marriage...also amazing ;). I slash that zip up bed and seriously wanted one for E, but the price! maybe I can make one....


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