Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The laundry room as a nursery

Since Miriam was born, our family has lived in ten houses/apartments and we've never once had a proper nursery. The baby (whoever it has been at the time) has always slept in whatever room worked best. Sometimes it was in the wooden IKEA crib/toddler bed that Jeremy's parents gave us. Sometimes it was in the cheapest-possible portacrib we bought in 2007 before we went to Jordan. Sometimes it was in our room; sometimes it was in another room. In our particular living situations, it just hasn't make sense to dedicate an entire room + furniture + decor to the smallest member of the household.

These days, Sterling sleeps in the portacrib we bought in 2007, which has been dragged around the US (coast to coast and in between), Jordan, Syria, and the UAE. And the "nursery" is the laundry room.

It's the perfect location. Nobody uses the laundry room at night, so it's an available space that was otherwise underutilized for 12+ hours of the day. It's the next door over from our own room, which makes my nighttime trips there convenient. It has a door that shuts. It does not have any windows that could allow light and outside noise to disturb baby during the night or in the early morning. And it is just his size.

During the day, I move the portacrib to a corner of our bedroom for naps, and the laundry room becomes the laundry room again.

So it's not a fancy nursery. But it works for us.


Liz Johnson said...

Ian totally slept in the laundry room as a baby! It didn't have a door, but that actually worked just as well - I could hear him at night and get up with him. And I also moved the portacrib to my room for naps.

Great minds... :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

What a perfect situation for little Sterling. And everyone else.

Eevi said...

Eerika slept in our walk-in closet for four months when we didn't want her to share a room with Saku and we didnt have another room to spare to just have a nursery. Then we put her crib in the guest room, so she ended up back in our room when we had visitors. Eerika also did take naps in a pack-n-play in the guest bathroom as it was pitch black and we could turn on the fan for white noise. I love the fact that you just do what works for you. It is the way life should be lived!

Crys said...

Your laundry room is huge! Cheetah sleeps in our room. Her crib/toddler bed is seriously less than three feet away from our bed. I always wonder about these fancy who has the time or money to put one together, but I guess to each their own. Glad Sterling has a place that makes him happy :)

Nancy said...

I have been rather neglectful at commenting on blogs lately. I agree with Crystal and the fancy nurseries. Sometimes I look at what people put together and I think, "Wow. My poor child." But then I think, "who has the time or money for that?" I don't.

Benjamin's in his own room now but for the first long time his room was the "storage room" while we unpacked. It was largely full of boxes, though it had his crib in there, too (which he largely didn't use until we took the side off and transformed it into a toddler bed).

Anyway, I think the laundry room is perfect. :)


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