Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kids these days, talking to authors on Twitter

Miriam has had exams at school for the past few days. One day last week, she finished early and decided to draw a map of the world from memory. I'm not saying this is the greatest map of the world ever drawn from memory by an 8-year-old. I am saying that Miriam has not ever been tremendously interested in geography, but reading the Junior Genius Guides Maps & Geography has inspired a few cartographic activities recently. So this map of the world was a new thing for her to try to do, and I was really impressed, even if it IS missing the entire Iberian Peninsula.

I told Miriam we could send it to Professor Ken Jennings (as he is called in the books) and he might see it. So we did.

So imagine how TOTALLY AWESOME it was the next morning to see that the Professor himself had RT'd it! Miriam smiled her special quiet smile that she saves for when she's really happy about something.

I replied to the tweet with some extra context for a few people who were wondering about the extra islands on the map.

There you have it: this is the way kids these days interact with their favorite authors. In my day, you had to maybe ask a librarian for a postal address and maybe a few months later you'd get a type-written reply. Maybe. I think Miriam will always remember this!


Susanne said...

That's great! Good job, Miriam!

Liz Johnson said...

I kind of wanted to correct the Dear Professor on twitter, but didn't out of a desire to keep your privacy. He's not necessarily ensmartening America - he's ensmartening the UAE! I have yet to see a child in America draw such an incredible map from memory!

(And off of your recommendation, I bought three JGGs for my kids. They have devoured them.)

Hannah said...

That's awesome!

Crys said...

Bridget is there such a thing as a "Ken Jennings Groupie"....that is all ;)

Cait said...

That is a dang good map.

Jen said...

That is so thrilling for her! I'm giddy!

That Ken Jennings. He's swell.

Jen said...

We did, too!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

So cool! After all these great reviews, I'm going to check out these books.


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