Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18th, outsourced

Here's an interesting and fairly interactive infographic about where certain majors end up working. [HT Bryce]

Sorry for the clickbaity source, but these really are neat Google tips.

Maybe I don't entirely agree with his tone, but seriously, sometimes kids need to travel and yes, it is harder for us (the parents) than for you to endure.

I do not fully understand the context, but there's some crazy obstacle course and recently, a woman successfully completed it for the first time. Pretty awesome.

Ooh, long cons in the social media era: how to flawlessly predict anything on the internet. [HT Andrew, maybe?]

This was a tough week for international news. In Gaza, "Imagine for a second that Hamas had leveled a synagogue. Can you imagine what Israel would feel justified in doing as a response? Or imagine if a Jewish extended family of 18 had been massacred by Hamas, including children? Would we not be in a major international crisis? At some point the lightness with which we treat Palestinian suffering compared with Jewish suffering needs to be addressed as an urgent moral matter. The United States is committed to human rights, not rights scaled to one’s religious heritage or race."

Also in Gaza, four boys, dead on the beach.

In Syria, more heritage treasures are being damaged or destroyed.

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Liz Johnson said...

Kacy Catanzaro is the bomb-dot-com. Holy moly! American Ninja Warrior is ridiculous.

I also feel awful even posting that because of the Gaza links. There are just no words there. What the heck are we doing to each other??


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