Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(Not) walking to the beat of a different drummer

Sterling turned 10 months old on the 28th. I've been looking forward to this age because it's when my babies tend to learn how to walk. Miriam and Magdalena both were walking at 10 months + 10 days. Motherhood is a lot more fun for me when I can put my child down and have him walk on his own two legs (plus, the other developmental milestones that come around soon after walking are fun, too).

But Sterling doesn't seem that interested. He's stood up on his own without help a few times, but he prefers to get down and crawl. He finally fixed his form and so now he is quite speedy on all fours.

I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Sterling will probably not be walking in 10 days. The girls were so similar in their development that I just expected little brother to follow along.

Have your kids been on different schedules for achieving milestones?


Abu Halen said...

Our first two were speedy developers. The last two have been a lot slower to walk and talk (and spell correctly). Probably it's because I haven't been as strict about making them listen to Quiet Riot at dinner time.

Jen said...

Child 1---10 months, Child 2----20 months, Child 3----14 months.

Each one's walking timeline had pros and cons....though with the 20 month wait, I had to do some digging to find the benefits. =)

Liz Johnson said...

Mine have been consistently late... none of my kids have walked before 14 months (and Claire almost pushed it to 16 months). I have no idea why, but they're also ahead in other things, so I don't worry. But it has been rather consistent over the children themselves.

Alanna said...

My first walked at 13 months, and all the others at 16 months! It's fun because they get to stay babies a little longer, but I do get tired of having to carry them everywhere!


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