Saturday, August 09, 2014

August 8th, outsourced

Man vs. Food - one man's experience trying out six diets. Excellent food for thought. [HT Kat]

What kind of parent forgets a child in a hot car? (Note: I read the Washington Post article she links to years ago and I can never forget it - and I can never read it again. I think of it almost every time I load/unload my kids from the car.)

A video exists of Helen Keller and I was not made aware of it until this week. So cool. [HT Jen]

Eight reasons children of the 1970s should all be dead. Even though my own daughter fell off a trampoline and broke her arm this week, I am still laughing at this article. Jarts?? [HT Suzanne]

Speaking of: broken bones stats. I appreciated this. Anecdotally, neither me nor any of my four siblings ever broke a bone while growing up, which seems kind of amazing in retrospect. [HT Andrew]

Modern Seinfeld plot ideas. Spot-on. [HT Sarah]

I love seeing what technology can do for linguistic research. This Twitter-based analysis of superdialects is so interesting! [HT Kaylee]


Nancy said...

That video of Hellen Keller and Annie Sullivan was so amazing! I wanted like an hour of it, not two minutes! Fantastic.

Julia Taylor said...

Scott and I were both laughing at all the Seinfeld ideas. Thanks for the giggle, even though we both ended up coughing more than laughing. Gotta love summer colds.

Liz Johnson said...

This is not technically related to any of the articles, but your link reminded me of my favorite Helen Keller story, copied HERE (at the end of the post). So good.


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