Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home time

We got home late last night. WHAT an adjustment. With the scope and duration of this vacation, I hardly spared a thought to home the whole time we were gone. Thus I find myself disoriented in my own home. It's so hot and humid! Everything is in Arabic! We own more clothes than just the three pairs we've been wearing over and over again for the past six weeks, plus a washer in which to clean them, hooray!

The flight home (again on Wizz Air) was bizarrely easy. It took six weeks, but Sterling apparently just figured out how to take a decent nap on the road, while being transferred from backpack to taxi to arms and back again. So he was cheery and content on the flight. The check-in agent gave us priority boarding (which normally costs extra), we think because of Magdalena's arm. Plus, we had some Romanian lei to burn and only the paid in-flight menu on which to spend it. We splurged on ramen noodles, Mars milk, and a candy bar each. It was one of the most decadent things I've ever done.

There is always a post-vacation letdown when we come back from a summer away, but this one might be harder to shake. We don't have suitcases full of American delicacies or fond memories of time spent with family to distract us. The jet lag is almost nonexistent (Bucharest is only an hour behind Dubai). But I suppose that by the time we emerge from this funk, school and work will be starting up again and all will be well.


Liz Johnson said...

Ugh. I was only gone for a week, but I FEEL YOU. I'm sorry. Hopefully things will pick back up and you'll be back to a lovely routine!

Timothy Browning said...

You've probably addressed this before, but how much does the UAE feel like home now? I've come back from vacation to places that didn't feel like home, and the adjustment was a lot different then coming back to a place that really felt like home.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Next time on Wizz Air, put one child's arm in a sling to see what happens.

Am so happy you're safely home and loved the vacation blog posts.

Bridget said...

Good question. This is definitely home, in the sense that it is the only place where we have our own space. It gets confusing, though, because many people who live here refer to their country of origin as home, and this is just where they live. I don't know. I guess we haven't figured it out yet!

Anna said...

It brings me some satisfaction that you guys are a little sad to be home because we are also sad that you left. Gracie keeps calling out for "Baby Sterling!!!" I may or may not have told her he is dead. She just started calling louder.


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