Friday, August 08, 2014

It's not vacation until somebody has to visit the ER

Magdalena broke her arm yesterday. She was jumping on a trampoline and fell off. We spent this afternoon and evening on a lovely "tour" of the Universitätsklinikum children's ER in Leipzig. It wasn't exactly Thomaskirche, but it certainly was memorable.

Amidst all the arrangements and wrangling with our insurance company back in Sharjah, the following happened:

1. I had to dictate the address of our hotel to a non-German speaker, over a crappy phone connection. And of course it had to be something crazy like Zschochersche Straße. Of course.

2. Then, later, because the hospital wanted our bank's wiring codes so they could send our guarantee money (?) back to us (?) after the insurance comes through (?), I had to dictate a random string of numbers and letters to a German man over another crappy phone connection. Note to self: consider learning the German equivalent of the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha Bravo Charlie, etc.).

We are all really tired, but here is the proud owner of a cast. Good night.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

So sorry for Majd. Hope she feels better soon now the cast is on.

Nancy said...

Goodness, gracious! I'm so sorry. :(

We're keeping a tally of friends with broken arms over here...hehe. :)

Hope she feels better soon and that you all recover from your lack of sleep and that the insurance mess gets worked out!

Jen said...

Point that was not lost on me: You're the kind of mom who finds a trampoline for her kids while on vacation in a foreign country. Fifty points to Gryffindor!

Hannah said...

Oh goodness. I hope Magdalena recovers quickly and that the insurance stuff gets sorted out soon.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

You remember that we spent an afternoon at Alaska General Hospital in Anchorage for DG on our 96 trip (and an ambulance ride was involved, and a nice stranger named Joy drove us to the hospital behind the ambulance). On the same trip SC got really sick and we were on the phone w/ our PDX doctor and then had to find a pharmacy. I remember it being night time. And then we got to Skagway and DG had a scary reaction to the medicine and it was a Sunday morning and we spent time on the phone to PDX and the whole thing put a big damper on our lives for about 3 days. Now you'll have the memories of "oh yeah, that was the vacation when Majd broke her arm and we didn't know it and then had to find a doctor and haggle w/ insurance, etc . . ."

Liz Johnson said...

Ohhhhhhhh no! Was it a bad break?? I'm so sorry. I freak out if we have to go to the doctor out of state... I can't even imagine doing it in another country. Blah. I am now saying a prayer of gratitude for not having been to the ER recently.

I hope she's feeling better!

Sarah Rose Evans said...

Amen. Demitri just got three layers of stitches in his foot, courtesy of a very sharp rock on the bottom of Lake Tahoe. Eight hours in the ER. We had to hold him down, screaming, while they sewed him up. Ah, fond memories.

Jennifer said...

That's awful! Ellen broke her arm in June and it was taxing enough dealing with it at home and in network clinics near by! I hope she's feeling better and heals quickly!


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