Thursday, August 07, 2014

Look into bathrooms.

Dear Europe. Look into bathrooms. People gotta pee. And sometimes we don't have the bladderinial fortitude to wait (because five years old) or 30 Euro cents, in precisely 10-cent coin denominations (because INSANE THAT IN THIS DAY AND AGE YOU SERIOUSLY ARE USING CASH). (FOR A BATHROOM.)

Can you tell we've been in Munich, that most stingy withholder of bathrooms? I swear we spent more time looking for a potty for someone or other than we did actually enjoying the sights. Plus, it was pouring down rain. At one point, we caught sight of a Spielzug Museum (Toy Museum), and decided that it was the answer to all our problems - indoors and out of the rain, with a high likelihood of a playroom for Sterling to fulfill his lifelong dream of being put down to play, and precious bathrooms that we could use.

Unfortunately: indoors but extremely cramped, crowded, and boring for kids (it was just piles of old-timey toys with tiny interpretive signs in German, but we did warm up to it a little), no playroom, and no toilets. Fail fail fail.

I get that no one wants to become the free bathroom destination for hordes of tourists, but seriously. This is something the UAE does right. Toilets are almost always free. Sometimes they are beautifully maintained and sparkling clean. Sometimes they are a tiled hole in the ground. But dad gummit, they are FREE.


Jenn Ridgeway said...

While in Munich we once stumbled upon ZAM, the Museum of Unusual Museums, which includes a Chamber Pot Museum. Alas, they don't let you use the chamber pots.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Mmm, in the US you would slip into McDonalds or some other food-dispensing place (by code they have to have bathrooms) or into a department store (code bathrooms also). In a rural area, bushes, in a city, not. What do the natives do? Certainly they don't all take the bus all the way home just because they or their kid has to pee.

Nancy said...

Oh, the baksheeshing Egyptian toilet guardians really got my dander up as well! I was always like, "I just paid x-amount of dollars to get my family into this place and now I have to pay you money to use your gross bathroom?!"

Ahem. Anyway...

I have seen people holding doors open for others to go into paid public toilets in Europe (the ones that are pay-per-use in the middle of the street, basically) to avoid the 30 cent fee. :)

Jen said...


Liz Johnson said...

If you're not going to provide bathrooms for your tourists/citizens/whatever, then you should not be upset when you have small children (or adults, really) peeing in your bushes. Because, for the love. Even rural Mexico has regularly-spaced, always-available bathrooms (maybe just a hole, but like you said, it's STILL A BATHROOM).

So sorry that Munich failed you. For some reason, I've always perceived Munich to be an anally-retentive city, for more than one reason. You have just added to that perception four-fold. :)


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