Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Some German food

We've been eating a lot of food here in Germany. Since our kitchen here is not stocked with all the staples and equipment of home, our meals tend to be very simple. Here are a few favorites (candy not included - that gets its own post someday).

Almdudler - an apple-based carbonated herb drink from Austria. A nice, cold glass of it is just the thing after hikes. My favorite thing about it is that it tastes good, but not so good that you want more than one glass of it at a time.

Wurst in bread. The lunch/snack/dinner of champions, or travelers like us.

We call this stuff Almighty Yogurt, for obvious reasons. What you can't tell from the picture is that Almighty Yogurt is the best yogurt I have ever had in my life. I don't know what is so different about it, but it is so dreamy. This particular flavor (orange mandarin pomegranate) was especially delicious. One time while I was taking a nap, the girls ate an entire jar of the raspberry flavor.

I mentioned earlier that two of my favorite words in German are "zum fertigbacken," where you put the bread in your own oven to finish baking it all the way. I have consumed zum fertigbacken bread of some sort probably every day here.

Schwip Schwap, Mezzo Mix, Spatzi, whatever you want to call it - it's orange pop mixed with cola. When I was pregnant with Sterling, this stuff tasted like toilet bowl cleaner, but now that my taste buds have calmed down, I love it. Pro tip: try a Schwip Schwap float with vanilla ice cream. A little bit coke float, a little bit orange creamsicle. Mmmm.

Miriam made this sandwich and took this picture. That's zum fertigbacken bread and real pork salami.

We are certainly enjoying the food component of our vacation!


Blair Walker said...

When I was in Austria, there was nothing like hiking up to an alpine peak and cracking open a (warm, because hiking all day) bottle of Almdudler. I am craving one right now. Their slogan per Wikipedia: Wenn de kan Oimdudla haum, geh' i wieda ham!

Jen said...

Question: So, does the ready availability of pork make you giddy? Do you guys see it as a treat?

Bridget said...

Oh yes, such a treat!!!

Bridget said...

That "German" is hilarious. What does that even mean? Did I get the Almdudler after hiking habit from you? I don't remember you telling me that, but it really is so delicious.

Blair Walker said...

I'm a little rusty on the dialect, but it means something like: when there's no (more) Almdudler, I go back home. I think the Almdudler after hiking is a simply a natural effect of being in Austria. You don't really have to be told.


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