Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19th, outsourced

Get ready to be anxious - Rush Hour. [HT Andrew, happy birthday!]

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating Google Doodles? I have - especially after seeing the gorgeous Leo Tolstoy ones a few weeks ago. Here is more about the process. [HT Jen]

I am not an evangelical Christian, and therefore I do not understand all the context surrounding this article - Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel - but the thrust of it (and the final line) really struck me: "If our message cannot be preached with credibility in Mosul, it should not be preached in Houston." This is part of what I was trying to say when I posted at The Exponent a few weeks ago.

Finally Catalog Living for ridiculous parenting stock photos!!! [HT Kat]

This magazine cover featuring Roger Federer seriously is the best/worst thing to ever happen. I can't stop laughing!

Robbed at gunpoint, caught on GoPro. WOAH. [HT Steven]

More about The More You Know.

I have such mixed feelings about this class that teaches people how to lose their Boston accent. I guess if it improves your career prospects, go for it. [HT Jen]


Liz Johnson said...

Roger Federer... I mean... I just... I can't decide what's greater, the turtleneck, or the pose, or the fact that he's clearly on his tippie-toes, or the stately mansion behind him... or his tennis shoes with his pinstripe suit... I mean... oh man. There is so much awesome in that one photo my brain practically exploded.

That picture of the mom stirring the empty pan (with the stove off) is hilarious!

I see lots of "prosperity theology" at my own church congregation, and I often just wonder if people have never had anything happen to really shake that paradigm up, or what. And I really bristle at the idea of "well even if everything sucks right now, it'll be good after you die" because it seems to give a lot of us an excuse to ignore suffering, or at least not be proactive. I think you can simultaneously believe in a God who rewards faith and compensates suffering while also recognizing that it's our duty to alleviate that suffering NOW, and not just leave it to God. This might be tangential, but that's what it made me think of.

Bridget said...

And that head does not belong to that body does not belong to those legs. He seriously is a jaunty vampire or something! (This all about Roger Federer, by the way.)

Myrna said...

The Osteens remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who ended up where? Oh yes, prison. That's right.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The Mohler article about the Osteens pertains to congregations of Christians of various stripes. Too many great statements to quote here. When being criticized by others for belonging to a church that requires much of our time and (non) expertise--we should be having fun instead of sitting in church--we shouldn't be required to give our hard-earned $$--etc. etc., I mention (fleeting) happiness versus (eternal) joy. Most don't get it. Earthly prosperity / happiness right now is too powerful a draw.


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