Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kidnapped by North Korea?

I meant to post this months ago: here is the best article I've read to date about David Sneddon, a former co-worker of mine who went missing in China in 2004. It's a long article, and you might start out thinking you won't possible read the whole thing, but you will. Because it's a heartbreaking and haunting story, and the outlandish theory it presents - that David ended up being kidnapped by North Korean agents - is one I happen to believe in. At the very least, I don't believe that his disappearance is as cut-and-dried as Chinese (and occasionally US) authorities have made it out to be.

Every time I hear about an American being detained in North Korea - Kenneth Bae, Matthew Miller, Merrill Newman, Jeffrey Fowle - I think of David. I saw the news last night that Jeffrey Fowle has been released. The headline said only that a "detained American" had been set free, and for a moment, before I clicked through, I thought it could be David. It wasn't. Not this time, at least.

David's family continues to make efforts to find out anything they can about his disappearance in China. Today, they were able to secure the support of the entire Utah congressional delegation in petitioning Secretary of State John Kerry to further the investigation into David's case.

I am heartened by this development and I hope it leads to more developments, and more answers. David, his family, and his friends deserve it.


Susanne said...

I am eager for the day you announce his coming home. Thanks for the updates.

Ariana said...

Have you read "The World is Bigger Now" by Euna Lee? Her group never crossed the North Korean border...they were dragged across by North Korean agents. Scary stuff.

Bridget said...

I haven't read that - I'll put it on my list. That's the thing about David's case - when you first hear the NK theory, it sounds ridiculous. But the more you read about NK and similar cases, the more plausible it sounds. NK used to be ha-ha funny to me. Not anymore, not at all!

Steven said...

I've been so invested in this ever since that article first came out. I even read the document his dad wrote about his visit to China after his son disappeared. It's absurd that the Chinese authorities try to just leave it at "he fell in the gorge and died", because he so obviously didn't. I hope he gets to come home soon.

Liz Johnson said...

NK was also ha-ha funny to me, but not after reading "Nothing to Envy" (on your recommendation). Crazy.

I admit that I wish Dennis Rodman would get involved.

I've been following his page on FB and am so eager to hear developments. If he is in NK, I hope he's being treated better than I assume he is - I hope they recognize his value and at least have him set up in a decent way. Ugh.

Stacie Perkins Palmer said...

Dennis Rodman, of course! Maybe he is our ticket. :) But seriously, I think the Sneddons are on the right track with the Utah congressional delegates. Surely, DOS can not ignore that.

Bridget said...

I have also thought that maybe Dennis Rodman could help. This is a sentence that I did not know was possible. But Kim Jong Un does not meet with heads of state. He DOES meet with Mr. Rodman.

Aimee said...

I remember you posting about this previously and I found that article and read it. I then went and discussed the case with my husband and he knew of a lot of the Japanese stories regarding NK. Please do keep us updated if you hear more.


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