Monday, October 27, 2014

My first Good Old Days

Before I tell you about my weekend, let me emphasize that during most of our year in Syria, church every Friday was our only exposure to English speakers. And during most of our year in Syria, there were only four people at church besides Jeremy and me. Two of those four people were also in Jeremy's classes at the University of Damascus. It was a perfect storm of getting to know those two people (and a third who was in the class but not at church - hi, Hannah!) really, really well.

That was ten years ago. And last weekend, we got to go visit one of those friends in Abu Dhabi, since that's where he just moved. It was the first time in my life that I sat down and talked about the Good Old Days. I didn't even know I had Good Old Days. But apparently I do, and they were in Syria, and they were with these people who I got to know so well there.

I've been thinking about it since this weekend, and I think there are several essential elements to Good Old Days.

Awesome adventures
Awesome people
Closer proximity and/or constantly in each other's company
Clear-cut start and end to all of the above;

followed by

a distillation/separation period of, apparently, 10ish years.

But one thing is still missing, otherwise I have a few Good Old Days - my time as a student in Japan, and my freshman and sophomore years at the BYU. And that is:

Sitting around as grown-ups talking about it all.

A litmus test to determine if something is really Good Old Days is whether any and all discussion about it is borderline annoying/boring to people (such as spouses and kids) who weren't there during the Good Old Days themselves.

Our time in Syria with Sterling (and Steve and Hannah) meets all these conditions. I think this means I have my first Good Old Days!

Big Sterling meets Little Sterling


Jen said...

I LIVE for stuff like this. Reminiscing with people I love fuels my soul like nothing else. (This is not an exaggeration.)

I'm SO glad you got to do that last weekend. SO SO SO glad. And I hope we can cross another one of those groupings off your list in the near future. =)

Hannah said...

I loved this post! Please tell Sterling I said hello next time you see him!

People who weren't with us that year don't always understand why I had such a great experience in Syria. It's a lucky thing for me that Scott was at least there in the summer, so he has some frame of reference, even though he didn't have a chance to know you guys that well.

Liz Johnson said...

CLEARLY we need to remedy this, and get a bunch of 1710.5ers together in the same room. Are you guys stateside next summer?? :)

Jen said...


Bridget said...

Yes, there are so many other Good Old Days that need to happen! All it would take is a meeting up.

Pinay Flying High said...

I must admit that having Syria as the destination of your good old days surprised me but then again, what do I know about a place that I haven't been? I admire how open you are to other culture and was able to embrace it and see the beauty of the place that and the friendship you've had. I feel enormously sad with what's happening there and hopefully, there will still be a time for me to explore it.

Pinay Flying High said...
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Jennifer said...

So great! I think one thing that makes "Good Old Days" experiences even better is meeting up in another part of the world from where the original memories are made. It makes it that much more magical!


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