Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My week in media

Here's how I mark the passing of the days in media consumption.

Sunday: WWDTM; The Amazing Race.

Monday: Downton Abbey (aka my favorite day of the week).

Tuesday: This American Life.

Wednesday: Catch up on Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class, plus other miscellaneous podcasts like Freakonomics or Radiolab.

Thursday: More catch up and also wish that the new episode of Serial would just be available already (dang time zone difference means that new episodes don't show up until overnight for me).

Friday: Serial. WHY can't I leave this show alone and let a few episodes build up so I can binge-listen?

Saturday: Movie BS with Bayer and Snider and How to Do Everything, unless it's not up yet, which it often isn't.

How do you distinguish one day from another in media consumption?


Andrew said...

I used to do podcasts only on specific days, but then I went all crazy and added a ton and just listen somewhat selectively (i.e. skipping some Freakonomics, or the Radiolabs where it's just some weird esoteric band). And then I started using Overcast (https://overcast.fm/), which lets you speed up podcasts without even speeding them up (cutting out silences and pauses), and it's like I get time for an extra podcast every week. Magic.

Ariana said...

Sunday nights have The Paradise (on PBS), Thursdays have Project Runway (which just ended, now what do I do with myself?). Fridays have all the wedding dress shows on TLC. hahaha What can I say, I had all brothers, I have all sons, and I need a little girly stuff in my life once in awhile. :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I used to carefully follow my favorite programs but not so much anymore. Except Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday evenings. Back in the day it was Prairie Home Companion on Saturday afternoons and Thistle and Shamrock, 1 hour of Irish music, and then Mystery on PBS Thursday nights. Then they moved Mystery to Saturday nights, which was fine, and then PBS began yanking it around so I never knew when it was going to be on. Actually, that also happened with American Experience on PBS. They lost me when I had to work to figure out which night and time it was going to be broadcast.

Liz Johnson said...

Serial is SO, SO, SO good. I find myself getting antsy for Thursdays (since it pops up for me on Thursday, early afternoon).

We're currently binge-watching "Homeland" on Netflix. It's a Showtime show, and my first cable series experience (so there's more sex/language than I should be comfortable with), but it is SO GOOD. I'm guessing you'd have a pretty interesting take on it, given its dealings with the CIA & terrorists from the Middle East.

I also do the Mormon Sunday School podcast sometime on Thursday/Friday, and usually an fMh podcast somewhere in there. Oh, and the Solid Verbal college football podcasts on Mondays and Thursdays. I think I've figured out why I haven't made any friends - I'm too busy listening to podcasts. /shrug

Jen said...

Oooooooooooh......This is where I tell you that I watch too much TV.

Every morning, after one goes to school, one goes to work, and two are playing together quietly, I clean my kitchen to last night's episode of The Daily Show.

Saturdays are Amazing Race, Sundays are WWDTM, Mondays are The Good Wife, Thursdays are Modern Family and Ken Rudin's Political Junkie podcast. Sprinkled throughout are Freakonomics, HTDE, some Rachel Maddow, and the Alton Brown-cast.

Aimee said...

This year my tv habit has dropped way down. My littlest man isn't conducive with TV watching, however my book listening has increased tri-fold!

Let's see, Wednesdays I am a Law & Order: SVU junkie, (although I have only watched one this season), Thursdays are reserved for Rehab Addict (a remodeling show of old houses on hgtv), Fridays we watch The Amazing Race (I wasn't sure about this move, I'm hoping it's only so they don't compete with football. I have to admit I like the change so that I don't feel guilty keeping my kids up since my boys love it and their bed time is 7:30 on weekdays. We order pizza and have a family-in-front-of-the-TV night! When Downton and Call the Midwife return those will also be included, and those are Sunday for me.

Sarah Familia said...

Saturdays are Doctor Who, and Mondays are Downton. I'm more of a binge-watcher, though. My husband and I discovered Portlandia a few weeks ago, so I've been watching that, as well as various BBC period dramas.

Bridget said...

UGH to the Radiolab weird esoteric band. What was with that??

I love that other people are marking time by media consumption, too! Aimee, my girls love TAR as well. Though EVERY season, Magdalena asks where the cowboys are. :)

Aimee said...

We love the cowboys and the (although I hate their nickname) afghanimals, Leo and Jamal.

And I totally just binge-listened to Serial! Love it. It makes me want to google the case, but I really don't want to ruin it! It's such a weird story!

Bridget said...

Aimee, that's the thing I'm most nervous about - the case (as far as I know) has not been "solved" aside from Adnan being in prison. The producers do not know the end of the story. So we might never find out what really happened. :(


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