Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31st, outsourced

If I were to ever want to do something like Elf on the Shelf, I would look into this instead: Kindness Elves. [HT Megan]

Harassment of Americans working at the embassy in Moscow has increased lately.

Turn your princess-obsessed toddler into a feminist in eight easy steps. [HT Cait, right?]

The Undress: change clothes in public without ever getting naked. Oh man could I ever use one of these for changing in and out of swimsuits in the wilds of Oman.

Halloween in the 1970s vs. today. I continue to love these kinds of articles.

The anti-vaccine movement is forgetting the polio epidemic. "In Frankie Flood’s first-grade classroom in Syracuse, New York [in 1952], eight children out of 24 were hospitalized for polio over the course of a few days. Three of them died." Can you imagine?? [HT Lindsay]

OH MY GOSH they think they found (a piece of) Amelia Earhart's plane!! [HT Liz]

I found this list of things you're really thinking while watching figure skating to be incredibly accurate. [HT Anna]

My stomach hurt after reading this post about diet food cards from the 1970s. Blechchchchchchchchchhch + laughing will do that to you. [HT Anna]

There is a lot of snark and low-level rage in this piece about The Default Parent. But there is also a lot of truth: "What's troubling is there seems to be no meaningful escape for the default parent. They don't get a break unless they physically remove themselves completely from their families...and throw their phones in a lake. Even when they do get a weekend away, they leave a detailed spreadsheet of daily activities organized by event time with notes. They arrange carpools and playdates, and leave a wrapped present for the birthday party. The non-default parent? They just leave. Incredibly, they just kiss us goodbye, and leave."


Susanne said...

"Mmm, syrupy asparagus jelly"


"Simply mash everything up, bake the fish-gloop in the oven and top with sliced egg."

Liver, gelatin, and green beans?


That ice skating thing was good!

Great links! Happy Halloween!

Crys said...

When I was a kid my mom had us fill a manger with hay for baby Jesus all December. Anytime we did a good dead we could sneak in there and put a piece of straw in the manager. We also exchange people each week to do secret good deads for. I loved it and still do it with my kids today. Screw those tatle tale trouble making elves. When we first got married j told me he had zero interest in doing Santa. I thought he was evil but you know the man was right. We aren't those parents who tell our two year old Santa isn't real but we never bring him up, sign his name on any packages, force our kids to sit on his lap, leave out cookies, or write Christmas list to him. The kids have all made up their own mythology about him that they eventually just ease out of believing. If they ask if he is real we ask what they think. Once e asked where he lived and j said in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Now looking at the elaboration people force themselves into I think my husband was a genious! I was thinking about Halloween costumes this year. We went to a church party here in Utah and so many costumes were homemade thrown together. I loved it. It totally reminded me of Halloween in the 80s. Meanwhile I bought two of my daughters frozen dresses and sewed detailed costumes for my other two. What can I say....I might have Christmas right but I'm not perfect. I got the default parent bit...since being married to a resident just heightens that to the nth degree. The same thing happens to the men married to residents or the live in nanny of the two residents with a kid or two. It can be a real trip. In my house I feel like I can't poop without c destroying something. That being said I wanted to shake that lady. Stop being such a control freak. Let your husband be in charge his own way sometime. Don't write the detailed list. If the kids miss something accidentally they miss something...and when your daughter walks into the bathroom past her dad kick her out and tell her to go to him. When J is home I never miss an opportunity to send the kids to him...and then I just accept the outcome.

Liz Johnson said...

The article about Russia reminds me of when you wrote about living there. I still think about that quite a bit, and how crazy that would be. Sheesh.

That ice skating bit is hilarious. I especially think about the one with her knife foot being on his leg. How does that not injure him?!

I am really glad we've gotten past the point of having fish pudding being a thing. And I would eat that perfect pizza lunch. I have low standards sometimes.

I have never wanted to travel to an atoll in the South Pacific more than I do right now. Can you imagine?! Amelia Earhart's plane! And artifacts from when she was A CASTAWAY there?! Do you think she had her own version of Wilson?! What happened to her?? Did she leave messages?! I just cannot get enough.

Bridget said...

Crys, yeah, that article rubbed me the wrong way, too, but some of the things she said were so true.

Myrna said...

My daughter Josie can completely change without evening needing this product. For one example, she once completely changed from a dress to blue jeans and a sweatshirt while sitting on a crowded school bus, with a boy sharing her seat, and he did not even notice that she was changing until a while later when he was like...wait, weren't you wearing a dress? However, since I lack her talent, the Undress looks pretty good to me!

Jen said...

Did anyone else notice that all of that diet food seemed to be garnished with radishes? I have no use for radishes. FOR THE LOVE.

Caitlin Carroll said...

The default parent article rubbed me the wrong way. While I may consider myself the default parent in many ways, it felt like a complete lack of trust in her husband to actually take care of their kids. She needs to learn about gate-keeping, and how because of it she is the one making her own life miserable. I get how annoying it can be to leave and the kids eat mac and cheese and pancakes every day, but I've learned to acknowledge we have different levels of acceptable, and my kids won't die while eating the same diet millions of American kids have. I bought a few frozen meals at Trader Joe's the other day since I'm now working nights and brought them home for the days I'm working and Tim was like "because I can't cook dinner like you do, every night?" Point taken, good sir.

This being said, I tried to take a shower the other day when Tim was home, and 5 minutes in BOTH kids were in it with me. And they don't even like showers.

Caitlin Carroll said...

(oh, and the feminist princess article was from me on Facebook, it is fabulous!)


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