Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Home church

On Friday, there was a meeting and a baptism before church, then church, then meetings after church. Sterling and I, and by default the girls, begged off after Sacrament Meeting and went home. But I felt bad pulling the girls out of Primary, so before I went upstairs to put Sterling down for a nap, I told them to plan a session of home church for us.

This is what Magdalena came up with.

The video (scripture video on was a bust since internet on the old computer they use was being finicky. But the rest went just fine. We even used a podium/microphone they made out of a cardboard box, a wooden dowel, and an empty toilet paper roll.

I'm still sad they missed Primary, but it was kind of fun doing our own church at home. Especially since the girls planned it. They got all the essentials, too - talks, singing, and watermelon!


Jen said...

Sometimes, home church is just the right thing. (Confession: sometimes, I am secretly relieved when one of my kids is too sick for church.)

Crys said...

I'm with Jen, it's a party :). When we were kids we used to do home church for play including play sacrement bread and water ;)

Susanne said...

I love her list. I would have enjoyed hearing their songs!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Great idea!

Liz Johnson said...

This is fantastic.

Also, I really love that you're doing NaBloPoMo. I thought about doing it, but the only things I wanted to write about were probably not interesting to most of the people who read my blog (like you, and two other friends, and my mother-in-law), and also probably not ever going to get written. Sigh. My essay critiquing the romantic relationship of the two protagonists in "Homeland" as being a classic example of sexuality through the male lens will have to wait! :)

Bridget said...

Um, I would read the HECK out of that essay.


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