Saturday, November 22, 2014

Napster nostalgia

Random thought for a Saturday night: do you remember Napster? Wasn't it just the best? It was. I remember going on a Napster spree the summer after my freshman year of college. I downloaded All the Songs, especially the obscure ones I couldn't get elsewhere - Japanese hits from when I spent the summer of 2000 there, German songs we learned in class at the BYU, Papermoon songs that, to this day, I haven't found anywhere else.

Napster was THE BEST.

Widening the shot a little, Napster brings to mind something that is lacking from all our digital media consumption these days: shareability. It is annoying to me that when I read a book on my Kindle and want others to read it, I can't just pass on a copy like I would a regular ol' paperback. If we buy a movie from iTunes and a friend wants to borrow it, they have to borrow our laptop, too (this happened last week and it was so old-fashioned I couldn't believe it).

In conclusion, I miss Napster, it was awesome, and I think it's a crying shame that digital media is so hard to share in general, and hard to pass along among friends in particular.


Aimee said...

Freshman year! Yes, as soon as I saw your post I had vivid memories of my dorm room.

I agree, that when I purchase a book or movie I want to be able to pass it along. I do love getting my stuff on the library website though!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Napster was fantastic.

My friend Karen has a kindle and bought one for all of her grandchildren. They are able to share books. Is it possible they are all on one account? I don't know how else that could be.

Jen said...
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Liz Johnson said...

I can totally share stuff on the Kindle! You just go into your online Kindle account and then click "lend this title." And then you can put in somebody's email address and they get two weeks (or whatever the publisher dictates) to read the book!

Napster was insane. I can't believe that ever got off the ground.

Bridget said...

Are you sure you can still do that? I know it used to be possible but I thought it wasn't anymore. I don't see the option on my account, anyway.

Liz Johnson said...

Really?? I just shared a book with my mom like two weeks ago. I wonder if it depends on the publisher? Like maybe less and less books are shareable? I've only ever done it twice (for the same book, actually) (Letters to a Young Mormon - super good).

elliespen said...

Coming late to the party here but you CAN loan Kindle books as long as them publisher has set the lending feature to "lending enabled." Most new releases don't have it enabled, and there are generally restrictions (time limits, some books you can only loan once, etc.) so it's not as good as a hard copy. But it can be done.

elliespen said...

*the publisher. Curse you, autocorrect.


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