Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21st, outsourced

The Atlantic on the USA's policy not to ransom hostages from terrorists.

A Truman Show-style nursing home, in the Netherlands! [HT Sarah]

Here's how superheroes would have looked in the 16th century. Brilliant. [HT Ashi]

Buy experiences, not things! This is something I'm really on board with. Anticipating travels or special events really is most of the fun.

How to make your last name plural this holiday season (hint: you never, ever need to add an apostrophe). [HT Jen]

This may be my go-to video to watch on endless repeat for quite a while: Shia LaBeouf cannibal musical dance...thing. [HT Liz]

Helpful and not-so-helpful toilet signs.

On a related note: it's time to start giving a...crap...about toilets (in the developing world).

Phew! A superfan has agreed to be murdered (in an enigmatic and mysterious way) in order to ensure a second season of Serial. [HT Andrew]


Jen said...

The Dutch get to do all the cool things.

Crys said...

She wants five dollars Justin, not a new murder. Please tell me he is joking. I was thinking about his yesterday...I wonder how ira feels about the fact that he gave them the money and they are like 100% better....ah well. So I love to travel and love experiences but I don't completely buy the argument. Here is how all my travel go....super excited, can barely wait. Go on trip or do activity. Think almost the entire better be enjoying this because it is almost over. I almost always have a count down going. Trip/activity ends and then I'm bummed it is over. Meanwhile if I just bought a new pair of boots every time I put them on I'd be happy...I can't be the only person who works like this.

Bridget said...

Clickhole is The Onion's Buzzfeed!

Crys said...

Haha so it is a joke ;)

Liz Johnson said...

I only read the links about toilets, which probably says something about me.

Point being: yes. There was no plumbing (or even designated poo/pee spot) in the ranchos, so at the first rain, everything (both human and animal) got washed down into ditch, which formed the river for the wet season. And then people would start pulling their drinking water out of it, and didn't boil/sanitize it, and everybody got sick. They even had a name for it - The Early Rain Sickness. So yeah, some education about waste would be good.

Myrna said...

Oh, if only Bill and Hilary Clinton's universal healthcare plan had not been stonewalled in 1987 or 1988, what a different US we would have today! Sad truth: "it would be extremely difficult to implement in a non-socialized healthcare system—meaning that in the U.S., a facility like Hogewey might be impossible for the forseeable future."


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