Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28th, outsourced

I've been avoiding the rabbit-hole that is the Serial subreddit, but this week my brother Steven sent me a link to a compelling theory (this one) and um, that may have eaten up some of my internet discretionary time. Or almost all of it. Also, it was Thanksgiving week so things were quiet on the internet. This is all to say that I only have four links for you; two of them are Serial-related and one of them is a reddit threat I already linked to above.


Charts for people obsessed with Serial. The Laura one. I just. I laugh. I can't. So much. LAUGHING.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Aimee said...

I find that theory plausible, yet it seems too late to actually find Hae's killer. And the liability from defamation is pretty great. It's such a weird story already. I keep thinking how would I have reacted if someone told me when I was 18: (someone) killed a person. What?!? Help you bury a real body? I mean, the reactions from Jay and Jen in Jay's own words are so so strange to me. Even the reactions from people writing these subreddit theories, like, oh yeah I could see a confrontation escalating to the point where he killed her. Really? I can never imagine myself so angry that I accidentally strangle some acquaintance or ex. I guess that's why in my own head it only makes sense that some stranger did it. But Jay's part makes no sense in the story then, such as knowing where the car is located. The random details he "remembers" like the red gloves are very odd and as people pointed out, the easiest lies are where you insert one lie, like a name, and keep the rest true. None of it makes much sense to me! Although killing is supposed to, I guess.

Aimee said...

*Killing ISN'T supposed to [make sense].

Bridget said...

I love that you commented on this because we went to HS together. I agree that one of the big ??? I keep coming back to in this case is who the heck hears about a dead body and doesn't freak out and call the cops right away?? Seriously! The only person in this story who acted like I would was the girl who heard from Neighbor Boy about a body in a trunk and she told her dad right away, and he called the cops.

Obviously there's more going on here.

Liz Johnson said...

I can totally buy that theory. I've had something like that rolling around in my head for a while, but the way he has it spelled out is totally plausible. If Adnan's attorney had presented that whole theory at trial, there's no way he would've been convicted.


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