Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Other Bridget 2014

There is a woman in Australia who shares my name. I get a lot of emails intended for her, and from them, I've pieced together a life. I've been inadvertently involved in the details of her bachelorette party, the birth of her first child, various travel itineraries, the time one of her friends went to prison and asked me to be an approved recipient of correspondence from her, and the time she left her car on the beach at low tide and when it came in, the car was swamped. We last checked in with Other Bridget in 2013. What has she been up to since then?

She got invited to a Pop-Up Store opening. I do not know what that is, but I bet Australian Other Bridget does. She was also invited to the launch of a bespoke jewelry line and something called the Georgini Couture collection.

I got copies of the blood analysis she had done at the lab (!).

I got a birthday email greeting from Camel. As in, the cigarettes.

She gave her friend Dana a "painted glass snowman" for Christmas. I know this because Dana sent Other Bridget (me) a thank-you email.

She bought some Air Jordan sneakers, which I did not know were still in production, and some North Face sunglasses.

She started taking Bikram Yoga classes!

She took a trip to Sydney in April.

She had a big part in some major PR production thing that sounded really swanky. I got all kinds of behind-the-scenes emails about it.

Her friend informed me he wouldn't make it to Other Bridget's wine tasting party. But I'm supposed to say hi to Holly for him.

She applied for life insurance.

She received a contract from a company big enough for me to recognize their name, and in that contract, Other Bridget is "the Talent." I think she's about to hit the big time!!!

She updated her car insurance for her two vehicles. I have all the details of both of them, of course. I wonder if the policy includes ocean water damage, har har.

I got free tickets to Interstellar. Well, Other Bridget paid for them, I'm sure, but they showed up in my email inbox. If only I lived within 1000 miles of that theater.

The most dramatic thing to happen to Other Bridget is that her pet dog (I know the breed, name, and tag number) was turned in to a shelter. I got an email intended for Other Bridget informing me that if I didn't contact them within 14 days, they had the right to euthanize the animal. I wrote them back, don't worry!

What a life. I'm lucky to share it!


Ariana said...

I wonder if she ever gets any misdirected emails intended for you. Weirdness!

Jen and Joe. said...

I bet she's friends with Other Jen in Australia (whom I get emails for ALL THE TIME).

Also? SURELY you two are going to be in touch with one another at some point. PLEASE tell me that you can come up with some sort of based-on-a-true-story YA semi-fiction piece.

Susanne said...

So funny! I cannot wait until you two meet! :)

Sarah Cook said...

Does she even know that you get all this information?? She's lucky it's you and not a crazy person!

Bridget said...

It occurs to me that I probably could get in contact with her. We have enough mutual "friends" - or at least I have their emails.

I also think I've figured out for sure why I'm getting her emails so often. She spells her name without the d, so when she says the email address out loud without spelling it, people must assume my spelling. I wonder if the -ette Palmers are getting as many Other Bridget emails as I am!

I think it might be awkward to meet her at this point. I know so much about her, and it's all the creepy personal stuff. Maybe she'll get famous, soon, though!

Jeremy Palmer said...

This is so great. You should tell NPR about it. And we should meet her sometime.

Liz Johnson said...

I second Jeremy's ideas - this is a great NPR story just waiting to happen.

OOH! YOU COULD BE THE SECOND SEASON OF SERIAL! Has Other Bridget killed anybody??

Jen and Joe. said...


Blair Walker said...

I have emailed with 3 other Blair Walkers, and I receive emails for at least 2-3 others that I haven't talked to. They are in locations such as Fort Worth TX, Phoenix AZ, Chicago IL, Canada, New Zealand...the New Zealand guy is hilarious.

Bridget said...

I think you showed me an exchange with the NZ guy and it was so funny!


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