Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12th, outsourced

Stephen Colbert as Hobbit characters. (And yes, I know Sarah Koenig was on The Colbert Report and as soon as I figure my way around Hulu's anti-VPN thing, I will watch it.) [HT Jeremy]

America's malls in 1989. I love these photographs because they are not of anything extraordinary. Just everyday life.

Life on an organic farm in Sharjah.

Last week when we got home from camping, I was dying to take a nap but Sterling had already taken his in the car. So I lay down on the floor and "took a nap" but it looked more like this.

Here is a beautiful video of AUS - the place where we live and work!

10 reasons our universe might be virtual reality. My mind broke from reading this article. [HT Kathy]

For the language/writing nerd, I bring you: the periodic table of figures of speech. If I ever teach writing, I am buying a poster of this to put on the wall. [HT Matt]

Spiderman in Cairo.

Ceausescu's children - a great read about the legacy of Romanian orphans. [HT Liz]

(Against) Mommy, the martyr. This is one of the reasons why I like my kids to see me go to work, or even come with me to work sometimes. [HT Heather]

In Serial news, there was this tweet from Sesame Street, which I thought could not be beat. But then someone replied with this tweet about who really killed Hae. YOU GUYS. It has the cell phone and everything!

This guy carves beautiful designs in underground caves. Lovely. [HT Kathy]


Crys said...

Honestly I think their is no way to get rid of mommy martyr. I truly believe motherhood makes you nuts. I mean really. I watch my husband love our children, I watch other fathers, amazing dads can love and care for their children in a healthy more detached manner. Mothers, well a lot of us are nutso. I spend a lot of time with my mops ladies. We are a mix of working full time, part time, and stay at home moms. We belong to different religions (although predominantly Christians), different socioeconic groups, different levels of education. The thing that links us is we all have at least one child still not school age. We are all joined by a little nutsoness. Mothers of small children are like insurance adjusters...constantly weighing risk scenerios. It has to be biology....

Liz Johnson said...

I loved that Mommy Martyr article. Amen, sister. And it's helping me solve an internal debate I've been having, so thank you for that!

Pres. Obama also sat in for Stephen Colbert this week. It was pretty funny.

That Best Buy tweet was actually pretty dang funny (also the Sesame Street ones, but I didn't chortle with those like I did with the redacted Best Buy one). Also, I remain committed to the Jay-did-it-with-Jenn's-help theory that you linked to a week or two ago. Dang skippy.

Remember the mall? Our local mall is nothing short of a ghost town with a playland in the middle (which is much appreciated by yours truly).

Kathy Haynie said...

So many interesting things to read and think about. Thank you! I promptly ordered a poster for my classroom. How about if we make the Mommy Martyr post a required text for Mother's Day?? But speaking of mothers and children, the Romania article. So good that things are better. So sad that in so many places things are still not right for children.


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