Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19th, outsourced

I found a few misplaced links from weeks ago that are still worth sharing. One is this article about what it's like to work at Radio Shack. (Reading that of course brought to mind this old gem from The Onion.)

I'm sure you saw this already, but it made me laugh a few weeks ago: Nativity scene finished.

The Syrian winner of Arab Idol refused to wear his country's flag, to avoid taking sides.

My girls can't wait to try out /ponystream next time we Google Hangout with the grandparents.

That escalated quickly. [HT Jessie]

The strange normality of life in the middle of Syria's war.

A relay runner accidentally stole the finish line glory from a marathon winner. I love the video so much - the befuddlement of the commentators, the cluelessness of the relay runner, the cringeyness of the whole thing. Perfection. [HT Blair]

The price of Christmas dinner at various British supermarkets.

National Geographic photo contest winners!


Crys said... goose fat! Haha, that cracked me up. I shop at aldi a lot. It probably wouldn't make Jamie oliver happy but it is perfect for my limited desire to cook. National geographic really, 1/3 of those pics look like they came off someone's Instagram feed ;). Since I probably will forget later, Merry Christmas Palmer family!

Liz Johnson said...

My first reaction was "Radio Shack is still in business?!" I'm glad to see that the article addressed that. :)


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