Friday, December 05, 2014

December 5th, outsourced

Pianograms! - neat visualizations of note frequency in songs. [HT Andrew]

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl. Haunting. [HT Ashi]

How I drank urine and bat blood to survive - great story with a happy ending! [HT Jeremy]

The Economist has a handy chart of the world's longest commercial flights. I've flown the third- and sixth-longest by mileage (DXB-LAX and DXB-SFO), but I wish they'd do a chart by duration instead. Nobody gets off a plane and says wow, that flight was 13,037 kilometers!

Those remains really are Richard III's...and they reveal that somewhere in there, someone's father was not who they thought. I have seen this reported so many varying ways, I'm not sure what the exact conclusion is. Some articles are saying this affects the current royal family, but it doesn't, right? Because Richard III is from a totally different branch, right? Who's up on their English royal dynasties?

Here are some great family photo fails.

Maybe this will get its own blog post, but on Monday, an American teacher was stabbed to death in a bathroom at a mall in Abu Dhabi, by a woman wearing abaya and niqab, no less. Fortunately, they caught the murderer yesterday. The Abu Dhabi police have put out the surveillance video as well as video of their arrest of the suspect. They also set the video to the soundtrack of - wait for it - The Dark Knight. Very strange all around. [Content advisory for the video - they included still photos of the crime scene that don't show the body or anything but are still pretty horrific.] Edited to add: I'm pretty sure that's a veiled female SWAT agent at 5:30 which, if I were to ever use a certain term that starts with a b and ends with double s, IT WOULD BE NOW.


Scotty P said...

Cool articles. In May 2013, I traveled on what was the the second longest duration commercial flight, from LAX to Singapore. It was about 17.5 hours. The then longest duration flight was the Singapore to New Jersey flight, which is also shown on the Economist's chart as the longest distance flight.

Sarah Cook said...


Julee said...

Um, doesn't that make you worry a little bit? How do you know it was the murderer? It's not like you can see their face. And is it an isolated incident? Sorry to be the conspiracy theorist here. I have very limited knowledge of the UAE and Arab countries (my source is, you). Do they like Americans or do they not? It's just the extremeists, right?

Bridget said...

Definitely an isolated incident - that kind of thing is almost completely unheard of here. Americans/Westerners are very safe here and this appears to be a weird one-off by this one lady. Don't know what her deal is. There has been a lot of talk about the fact that she had her face covered so how can she be ID'd? But she has a distinct gait and I feel like when they show her walking out of the house, you can tell just from the video that her gait is the same.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Pretty sure ID-ing by a person's gait would not pass here, but it must be acceptable over there (not that many crimes are committed by veiled women). We were thinking that veiling could be a way to get away with a crime, whether you are male or female. Just dispose of the clothing and who would ever know you were the perp.

Caitlin Carroll said...

If you watch the video, they aren't just IDing her gait. They find her from her vehicle, and then all of the evidence is there in her home... blood, explosive materials, etc.


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