Thursday, January 15, 2015

140km, finished

Sorry to leave you hanging - Jeremy ran his 140km race over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and finished sixth overall. Words cannot express how proud we are of him!

We met him at the finish line...about 15 minutes after he finished. Before he started the race, he told me his estimated finish time - 4 or 5pm on Saturday. So that's when I planned to show up there (it's about 45 minutes away).

But as I followed the race page's live updates on fb, I was alarmed to see that people were starting to finish around 1pm. So I threw the kids in the car and sped to the finish line, just in time to get a "I finished please bring me some clean clothes" text when we were still about 15 minutes away. (Fortunately, I had thought to bring the clothes.)

Even though we missed the big moment, it was so precious to hang out with a stinky, exhausted Jeremy and meet some of his stinky, exhausted co-racers (it looked a bit like a stretchy pants convention for grown-ups). It was a long weekend without him, but we enjoyed seeing updates on the race page and cheering him on from afar.

Also, I bet Jeremy was the only runner to come home to a welcome/congratulations banner with sparkly purple ponies on it, signed by neighborhood children!


Liz Johnson said...

Hooray! Huge congrats, Jeremy!

Also, I would like to go to a Stretchy Pants Convention for Grown-ups. I'm a big fan of stretchy pants. I would rather not run, though. Maybe I can be on the food committee or something.

Ariana said...

"Stretchy Pants Convention" -- best phrase of the week. Heck, it would even make a great name for a band.

Ariana said...

It also sounds like a euphemism for the group (from my parents' ward) of Asian ladies plus a few pasty white people like my mom, who used to get together monthly and make homemade sushi and eat it till they were stuffed. Do you remember Cherie Pun? She was one of the founding members. :) She would have loved the name Stretchy Pants Convention.

Kathy Haynie said...

6th overall!!! Way to go Jeremy. Apparently no bat blood was consumed. So glad it was such a successful event.

Jen and Joe. said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! That accomplishment is almost overwhelming for me to think about.

(I bet this really dislodges the ORCA grant from its spot Jeremy's list of accomplishments, huh.)

I am wearing stretchy pants RIGHT NOW. I wore them to the bus stop with some of my fancier shoes. Because that's all I could find. For the snow.

Bridget said...

Stretchy pants ARE the best. Ariana, that is hilarious, and yes, I knew Cherie, and yes, she would have loved it!

Kathy, Jeremy and I have made the bat blood joke several times, so thanks for that!

Jen, the ORCA grant is still probably #1, you know.


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