Monday, January 26, 2015

Downton Abbey 5.4 (SPOILERS)

Don't tell Dr. Clarkson, but THAT is how you propose to Isobel Crawley - none of that getting sloshed at the village fair and making vague insinuations from Season 3 or whichever. I think she tried to stop him back then with a "are you sure you won't regret what you're about to say?" too. Lord Merton is made of stronger stuff, it seems.

Let it be pointed out that Lord Grantham did not even put down his newspaper at first when Edith came in and said that there might be news of Michael. DID NOT EVEN PUT DOWN HIS NEWSPAPER. In addition to the show forgetting about Michael Gregson, the family has forgotten about him, too!

Oh my gosh, Anna and Bates are so doomed. The music, the angst, the hiding stuff and sneaking around for Lady Mary. If the business with Mr. Green doesn't finish them, then the hidden condom surely will. Fate has it out for these two and they are oblivious to the train wreck that must be coming their way.

I TOLD you Lord Gillingham was a skeezeball!!! UGH, the slime was practically dripping off of him when he told Mary this was just something they had to "get through" together. I mean, I understand what he was trying to say, but getting all possessive and rage-y is not the tack to try in this situation in my opinion. The stage is set for Charles Blake or, preferably, Evelyn Napier. Somehow.

I promise I try to find different ways of saying this every single week, but Sarah Bunting is THE WORST. But THE BEST? - Lord Grantham's outburst at the table, because he was saying the words that I already scream in my head whenever Miss Bunting comes on screen. And Branson's face! Priceless!


Señora H-B said...

YES. I can't STAND Miss Bunting! There is a way to disagree without being insulting.

Jeannie said...

When I watched the episode, I assumed that the birth control device in question was a diaphragm rather than a condom. A quick google on Marie Stopes leads me to believe it would more likely have been a cervical cap.

Fascinating, isn't it, to contemplate the family planning options available to women of that era, vs our own? Not to mention the relative effectiveness :)

Bridget said...

Before this episode, I wasn't sure if we were supposed to like Miss Bunting. Now I'm pretty sure that we aren't.

Yes, I did wonder upon reflection if it wasn't a condom at all, but something else. That makes a lot more sense in many ways.

Caitlin Carroll said...

Evelyn Napier? Really, Bridget!? He's so boring!

Bridget said...

But he's always BEEN there for Mary, you know? He's like the Colonel Brandon of Downton.


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