Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23rd, outsourced

How to tell if you are in a Henry James novel ("You’ve done something in a piazza that renders you unfit for polite company").

The Packers are obsessed with Settlers of Catan.

This food diagrams thing is going around fb. I clicked on it, and the first few were great. The next few I was like "there is no way I will look at all 24." But then I couldn't stop. They were just too interesting. And pretty.

This. guy. He got in a car wreck and was crushed between two semis...and he lived. THE PICTURES. [HT Suzanne]

Those of you who read Escape from Camp 14 might be interested in knowing that doubts have been raised about part of the story's authenticity. [HT Jennifer]

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. Gimmicky headline, but I love the idea of giving all moms a box of goodies to help them get started with their little one. [HT Sharon]

Have a closer look at a super-high resolution image of Andromeda, why don't you! [HT Kathy]

A vacuum salesman made the birthday of an autistic boy super special. So precious. [HT Jen]

You have plenty of time to love them later. This is my new favorite essay on parenting. [HT Amanda]

Self-destructing book gives you 24 hours to finish reading. I wish more publishers would do stunts like this, because I could get so many books for free. [HT Ashi]

I am not done reading this yet (Oregon was founded as a utopia for racists), but is it possible that everything I learned about my state in elementary school was wrong?? [HT Liz]

Speaking of things that I KNEW were true until this morning: your family's name was not changed at Ellis Island. !?!??!?!

Epic football/soccer stretcher fail compilation. Just 'cuz.

I've read Goodnight Moon to one or another of my kids every night for what probably adds up to years. So I shared so many of this woman's issues with the bedroom in that book. [HT Lindsay]


Suzanne Bubnash said...

The Ellis Island article is so informative. Am going to save the link to give to people. Scores, if not hundreds of times I've heard Americans say, "the immigration agent changed the family name at Ellis Island, and they refuse to believe me when I say it ain't so!

Crys said...

This was a super good week! WTHeck Oregon!!! Ellis island thing was super interesting....must of learned that in history the same day they taught that in 1492 most people thought the world was flat ;)


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