Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30th, outsourced

You need to read GFY's recap of the Miss Universe national costumes, which includes the drama of Miss Lebanon, Miss Israel, and a selfie.

The Onion: "I don't vaccinate my child because it's my right to decide what eliminated diseases come roaring back." [HT Scott]

Assignment: Yemen - about the US ambassador to Yemen. [HT Margaret, his daughter]

I linked to the 24-hour self-destructing book ploy last week. Here is an account of someone who tried it (clean except for an f-bomb in an excerpt from the book, toward the end of the article). [HT Ashi]

Why a generation of adoptees is returning to South Korea. Wow. I was really moved by this story and I learned a lot about the complicated emotions some of these grown-up adoptees are now feeling.

When we lived in Ithaca, during the winter, we kept the thermostat at a chilly 61 degrees, so I really appreciated (and laughted while reading) this article. [HT Jeremy]

Disney princesses with realistic hair.

Honestly, this new theory about Serial makes as much sense as anything I've heard up until now, including the story that has been presented as the truth. [HT Ashi]

Leading causes of lost years of life (early death) around the world.

I will probably never get tired of these "reconstructing old baby photos as adults" lists. Never. [HT Trina]

On Michelle Obama: The Economist explains the Saudi dress code, and the NYT talks about the bold stand she didn't actually take.


Ariana said...

That early death map is interesting. I wonder what's up with birth defects in Costa Rica and Jordan. And the 'road injuries' thing in Saudi Arabia and east...crazy roads? poor drivers? ??? Saudi Arabia can't blame female drivers for that statistic, I guess.

kaylee said...

Every body in Greenland lives to old age!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Ariana brings out an important point. If 100% of Saudi drivers are male, and they die of road injuries at a great rate, it's way past time to flip the switch and turn the job over to the Saudi women so they can show how it's done.

Susanne said...

Except this Saudi woman thinks women being able to drive back home would be a disaster. I heard the story, and the host sounded disgusted with her. Ok, maybe I read into it since I was.

"As for her country's infamous ban on female drivers, she has a uniquely Saudi take on why it's not a big deal: "We own our own drivers back home. We give them money and we can go with a driver anywhere we want." Mushref says she's not bothered by her lack of a license, and worries about a "disaster" if women start to drive in Saudi Arabia without proper instruction."


I read a lot of these links already. Lots of good ones. That story about the S. Korean adoptees was especially interesting.

And I'd forgotten you kept your thermostat so low when you lived in New York. I saw that headline on my Facebook news feed several days ago and read it so I'd feel justified for turning our heat down to 58 when I left the house most days.

Crys said...

So I should keep my house cold if I want to get rid of my white fat...good to know. I think Saudi woman should drive just because driving is so dang fun! I love it. I'm a little torn on the adoption story. On the one hand I understand feeling disconnected from your culture....raised by my white mom but look hispanic.... but on the other hand it sounds like the sort of existential bull that you can engage in when you grew up in a nice cush life of growing up with two parents who could afford to buy a baby. I was raised by a single mom in this country and honestly I've tried to block most of my childhood. Growing up poor and with a single parent and sort of a scourge of your society honestly sucks. So I'm a little sorry for them that they think that would have been better. Honestly I am. I wish I could completely forget that part of my life.

Bridget said...

Crys, what an interesting perspective. I also felt something was a little off about some of the adoptees feelings later in life but I couldn't put my finger on it. I appreciate your comment.

I have had lots of Saudi students tell me the ban on women driving is fine with them. I guess if you can afford a driver...

Crys said...
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Sarah Cook said...

Those "recreating old baby photos' pictures are hilarious!


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