Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Al Noor Mosque, lit up

The Sharjah Light Festival starts tomorrow. I have a weird affection for the Light Festival. On its face, it's just a bunch of lights projected onto buildings, and the occasional animated light show projected onto buildings at Al Qasba, but I love it. We've gone every year we've been here, even last year when the festival was weirdly kind of a dud. (And in 2013 when the "light festival" ended up being the fantastic show of red brake lights we enjoyed for over an hour in an epic traffic jam on the way there.)

This year looks like it's going to be great. Last night, they had Al Noor mosque lit up ahead of the beginning of the festival tomorrow, and it looked fantastic.

Magdalena came home and drew/colored a picture of it (I took this photo before she was finished filling in the sky).

Even if this is all we catch of this year's light festival, I will consider it worth it! Seeing that mosque lit up, up close and in person, was amazing.


Crys said...

Wow she did a great job of recreating. Was that from memory alone? Talented girl!

Emily said...

Same question as Crys. She drew that FROM MEMORY?!

Bridget said...

Yes, from memory, and I just noticed that parts of it really are pretty accurate! I guess a huge, colored, sparkly building really makes an impression on a 6-year-old.

S. Scott Harrison said...

Hi. I found your post about the Sharjah Light Festival at the Al Noor Mosque. Simple question if you don't mind: If I were to drive to the Al Noor from Abu Dhabi on the weekend (Thursday or Friday night), do you think I would hit heavy traffic getting there to see the lights? Also, are the lights on mosques accompanied by music/shows? Just curious because I am fairly new to the Emirates but the lights look cool. Thank you for your time.


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