Monday, February 09, 2015

Downton Abbey 5.6 (SPOILERS)

I can't decide of Prince Karyagin's declarations of love for Lady Violet are ridiculous or FREAKING AWESOME and also romantic because Russian accent.

Pro tip, Mr. Bates. The words "it is not for you to be angry with me; it is for me to be angry with YOU" are not exactly the best way to smooth out a prickly situation with your wife.

(And let's get into this a little. I think it's a little, um, impossible for Anna to be using a, um, condom without Mr. Bates knowing, right? I mean, by definition. And maybe it's against Ladies' Maid Code, but why couldn't the first words out of Anna's mouth be "oh, that. It's for Lady Mary"?) [Note: I wrote this months ago during the original UK broadcast. Since it's aired in the US, I understand that it's not a condom - and thus she could have used it without him knowing - and this whole plot line makes a little more sense.]

On the other hand, pro tip FROM Cora. A good way to smooth out a prickly situation with your husband might be to oh so gently remind him of that one time when he kissed a maid, so he can just get off his high horse about the Scarlet Pimpernel am I right??

I sensed major shades of Sybil-in-pants during the scene where Mary reveals her new haircut. Sniff. I think even the music was the same.

OK, Lady Edith taking her own child back was literally the saddest thing I've ever seen on this show. Right?

"Do you think that we should invest in a property together" is quite simply the loveliest marriage proposal imaginable.


Aimee said...

I caught up last night, because I was in Vienna for 10 days. Crazy.

First, umm, to be indelicate, its a diaphragm Anna has for Mary and not a condom. So, yes it would be possible to use it without Bates knowing due to the nature of how its used.

I was totally saying, "Go, Edith, go!" to the screen. Sorry, I know that's harsh and mean to Mrs. Pig Farmer. And, can I say how much it annoys me that the girl they picked is like 2.5 years old, when really the baby should be around 6 months old? How hard is it to cast a baby? Or are all the babies on "Call the Midwife?"

Also, I love Mabel Lane Fox. I love Blake, and I think Mary's bob is awful! I miss her curls. I still do not like Tony Gillingham.

Rose. How I have really really come to love Rose's character over the last few years. As far as Atticus Aldridge (Such a great name!) He's great for her. The fact that he is jewish, I don't see being a big deal, since didn't they just talk about how Robert married a jewish heiress from America? I swear I remember hearing this conversation with Bricker back in London when she was telling her history of how she came to England and all, and in the lines of Judaism it goes through the mother. I could be imagining this, but now I feel I must go back to that conversation to suss it out.

Other than that. I like Isobel and her decision to marry Lord Merton. Yay! Be happy.

Two episodes left for the season? I think.

Aimee said...

Oops, missed your follow up, my fault for reading on my phone.

Bridget said...

I'm glad you saw the clarification I made!

I would also be saying "go, Edith, go!" except that if she was going to take a stand, I wish it had been when the baby was first born rather than after she's settled into her (second!) new home. And yes, she should be about 6 months old, not 2.

I have also grown to like Rose. She was such an obvious Sybil replacement at first, but I think she's grown into herself.

Craig said...

Yes, so sad when Edith took the baby. Bad, evil, selfish Edith! How is this good for the child, not to mention cruelty to the "adoptive" parents?

Caitlin Carroll said...

I think we have to consider the circumstances Edith was put up against before we get all angry at her for stealing her child back. It was so heart-breaking when she was considering an abortion and said how she was considering terminating the love child of her darling and how difficult it was for her but she could never face her family again. And it seems in those days, especially for her position, family was pretty much all ya got, ya know? It seemed she always wanted to keep the baby and raise her but it felt impossible and her aunt and grandmother were giving her these options that she didn't agree with. I was also kind of saying "go, Edith, go!" and I imagine that's why they made pig farmer's wife so unlikeable (but I thought she handled it so gracefully in the end).

And it seems like her plan all along was for her to retrieve the child when Gregson returned, no? So when she found out he was dead she was like welp, time to take her back now? To be raised in a nursery and brought to me once a day for a gentle pat on the head.

And yes, making Marigold the same age as little George is weird.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

It would have been better if the pig farmer had told a different story to his wife from the beginning, one that put in her mind that the child would not always be with them. That would have lessened the shock of Edith's action. Still cruel to the child who is taken away from the only family she remembers.

I have "binge-watched" DA and like that a whole lot better than waiting a whole week in between episodes.


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