Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20th, outsourced

I hope you've seen this already - a woman in Australia re-paints the faces of dolls  (like Bratz) to look like normal girls' faces do! [HT Carolyn]

Perhaps you, like me, would enjoy ogling US vs. UK book covers. We generally get the UK covers over here, and it makes me want to buy a copy of both editions even if the innards are the same.

Some good news out of Syria (kind of!): unpaid, unarmed lifesavers. [HT Liz]

Speaking of Syria: the journey of a Syrian teenaged refugee, trying to avoid being processed as such in certain countries so he can get to Sweden, where there are more services for people like him.

Ithaca's tourism bureau gave up and directed everyone to go to Florida instead for now. Hahahahaha. [HT Cait]

OK, this is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen: Dubai Flow Motion. [HT Yvonne]

THIS. THIS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Why moms never get anything done.


The Presidents of the United States, in order of hotness. This made me laugh. [HT Liz]


Liz Johnson said...

I feel like Michigan needs to have a chat with Ithaca's tourism board, because they are still running their "Pure Michigan" ads despite temps in the negative double digits. It was -24F this morning when I woke up. It makes me want to set "Pure Michigan" on fire, even if just to warm it up a little bit.

Martin Van Buren, your sideburns are so sexy.

I love that thundersnow guy. I feel like I need to get that excited about more things in my life.

Myrna said...

I could hardly stand to read about that poor young man on his way to Sweden! I am so glad that he made it there!


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