Friday, February 06, 2015

February 6th, outsourced

The last acceptable prejudice: accents. Very interesting.

What can a pregnant photojournalist cover? [HT Cait]

A story of drinkers, genocide, and unborn girls: gender imbalances around the world, and the stories behind the data. [HT David]

Why you should care that [the NYT] asked Jennifer Aniston about Brangelina. "When journalists focus so much on the personal in their coverage of female celebrities, they are doing it at the expense of hearing more about the women's work."

I know Left Shark is old news by now, but still: Right Shark had crisp, coordinated moves. Left Shark is drunk. [HT Ashi]

There are two types of kids in school.

When bread bags weren't funny. LOVED this article. [HT Lili]

So, yes, there's going to be a sequel to TKAM, but maybe this news isn't quite what it seems.

Inversion immersion - a beautiful sunset in Portland. [HT Kathy]


Liz Johnson said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA So many of these are so funny. I canNOT get enough of Left Shark, who is just my favorite Super Bowl Halftime Performer of all time. And the "two kinds of kids at school" made me laugh out loud, REALLY LOUDLY.

Cookie said...

I got sort of teary during inversion immersion. Maybe it was the music. Thank goodness for Left Shark to pull up my spirits. Wow I don't know why that was so funny but I watched the clip like ten times. The Jennifer Aniston super interesting. Makes it seem to me that accents aren't the only place it is still acceptable to discriminate. Shesh.

Nancy said...

I loved the inversion immersion.

And I echo Liz about the "two kinds of kids at school" post. So funny!

But the post about bread bags? "The Ingalls family were in many ways bourgeoisie: educated by the standards of the day, active in community leadership, landowners. And they had nothing." Ummm...what?

I mean, they had nothing, sure. But bourgeoisie? I don't think they were quite representative of the middle class. The frontier might have been the great equalizer of society (because of landownership being such a huge thing) but I think Laura paints a picture of poverty quite well, I think, when compared to some of her childhood nemeses.

Anyway...maybe I'm way off and they WERE well-to-do, middle-class type people, but I've just never thought of them as such.

Almonzo's family? I could see them as middle class. Laura's...not so much (at least until later).

Oh, and I've totally wrapped my kids in shopping bags to send them outside to play in the snow. Doesn't everybody?

breanne said...

I heard Lynsey Addario speak a couple of months ago at National Geographic. I was impressed with her then but even more so now. I had no idea she had a child--and that she went on all those assignments while pregnant. She does amazing work.


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