Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm a real girl!

I had a conference all last weekend, but it was just in Dubai so I only went during the days. (It was this conference, and let it be known that a) I saw a woman with a baby the same age Sterling was a year ago and she said she'd had nothing but smiles from the organizers; and b) the awesome check-in volunteer people asked me where my baby was this year.)

Conferences are so fun. I texted Jeremy the morning of the first day that it was so great to be sitting there learning with like-minded people from all over the region, and he texted back that it was like I'm a real girl! And it was. I am. I took the metro there and everything.

I presented thesis-related research on Saturday and the session went well. Then I came home, and...well. Jeremy ran a 100K race on Friday (race report forthcoming), and we basically tag-teamed childcare on his way in the house and my way out on Saturday morning. So when I walked in the door on Saturday afternoon, the house was a disaster area and the kids were running wild while he lay on the floor in pain and soreness and inability to walk. That popped my "I'm a real girl!" bubble pretty fast as I whipped the house into shape and cleaned and fed the kids.

Yes, conferences are fun, but there are a few things I am mystified by. Such as, audience mobile phones ringing in the middle of someone's presentation. Multiple times. And it takes the audience member longer than five seconds to turn it off, as the ring volume slowly increases. Seriously? Also, audience members taking super low-quality, oddly-angled mobile phone pictures of incomplete PowerPoint slides. Maybe it's the new way to take notes? Also, commenters who think it's their presentation, too.

It was a busy weekend but it was great to be a real girl! As evidenced by this photo taken by Magdalena.


Señora H-B said...

To your list I would like to add: People who come to a talk and then "whisper" to each other loudly. JUST SIT IN THE HALLWAY!

I sometimes take pictures of a slide of references, but I do not understand taking pictures of other slides. At my linguistics conferences, people don't really bring handouts like they used to, so I suspect that's part of it?

Liz Johnson said...

Hooray! You look so grown-up and put-together. This is amazing to me - I know that you probably also lounge around in yoga pants with no makeup, but I have a hard time picturing it now that I keep seeing you as an adult! It's amazing! We are adults! When did this happen to us??

Crys said...

Nice pants suit! Pictures of PowerPoint's is weird! I wish I could have seen the house when you for home. I just started exercising again just a month off and the house is falling to bits because I'm too sore to bend over....I can't imagine taking care of kids and a house after running so far. You guys are both rock stars!

Eevi said...

You look great!!!!


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