Friday, March 06, 2015

March 6th, outsourced

You needed to hear Mary Poppins singing death metal style, right? [HT Jen]

Awesome tips on how to get rid of clutter and live abundantly. "Discard all the old eggshells and severed doll’s head and menstrual blood and dirt you keep in a shoebox under your bed. Why do you even save those things?" [HT Sarah]

Our Crown Prince quietly donated funds to save a sick baby's life. Did yours?

I cannot believe it has taken this long for us to have a tumblr about those illustrations on the front of old sewing patterns. [HT Andrew]

Working from home, with a toddler. AMEN.

You heard about ISIS destroying irreplaceable historical art pieces in Iraq, right? Only the Pan-Arabian Enquirer could make me laugh (and cry a little bit) about it. Sigh.

Would you call 911 on another parent? I appreciated the article's point that one of the reasons we don't think our neighborhoods are safe anymore is because we aren't willing to look out for one another's kids anymore - instead, we just call 911 on them. Sad.

This bit of comedy was funny enough for me to ignore the egregious misspelling of Oregon. So true.

My mom went through this relative finder and pointed out to us siblings a few gems such as the fact that we are eighth cousins five times removed from Emily Dickinson, and 11th cousins four times removed from John Wayne. Genealogy, woohoo! [HT Yvonne]

OK, warning on this one - it might cause flames on the side of your face. But while some people are saying we shouldn't allow someone like this to speak his mind (it's one of the Delhi rapists from 2012), I think it's important for us to know that attitudes like this exist. It's so problematic, and I would guess that it's more widespread than we'd like to believe. In the meantime, I can hardly imagine a punishment bad enough for this man. Yikes.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

The Delhi rapist's comments are so offensive I wanted to throw up. In his face.

Sad to say, his attitude was once common in the US. There is hope for India though. If we here could expunge that attitude, so can they.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

About Relative Finder. First, it computes relationships based on what is entered in FamilyTree on That's a free website and once you enter your data, Relative Finder will work for you.

Second, Relative Finder does not compute your relationship to everyone who has data in FamilyTree. It compares your family's data to groups of people such as "Famous Americans," "Declaration Signers," "European Royalty," "Current Apostles," etc. (Incidentally, Dad is 14th cousin 1x removed to Richard G. Scott). Family Search does not allow living persons names to be made public (except they must have obtained permission from living Apostles).

Third, it is not within Relative Finder's ability to negate the errors in FamilyTree. I have already found mistakes in Dad's line and the other lines that he may or may not be related to. If those were cleaned up then RF might tell a different story.

And last, people like me who have no early American ancestry, no English or other "colonial power" ancestry, and no LDS ancestry may show a big fat zero on RF relationships. The fact that I am related to Thomas Ashe, the famous Irish martyr, or descended from Pal'ovka obder vovka (Paul who skinned the wolf) from the Carpathian Mountains does not show, because there is no category for those obscure ancestries.

Myrna said...

Relative Finder USED to work with any of your Facebook Friends who signed up--and before that, they did a test run with all BYU employees. Those were both morefun, to me, than the famous people ones are.


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