Thursday, March 12, 2015

The big screen hassle

A friend of ours inherited some dying projectors from his department at work and he passed one on to us. Every once in a while, we pull it out and enjoy watching a movie on the "big screen" (= the white wall in their bedroom).

The other day I was getting it all set up, though, and I realized what a hassle it was:
- projector plugged into power strip because outlets are sparse and inconveniently located behind beds in that room.
- computer plugged into power strip, with adapter for the UK outlet.
- external speakers charged up, because power strip only has room for the projector and the computer.
- speakers connected to computer.
- computer connected to projector.
- projector on bathroom stool to make it the right height, but this is a balancing act because if it's not just so, it will jiggle lose any one of the cables or power cords and disrupt the entire operation.
- hardwire computer to ethernet cable because that thing is a dinosaur and wireless doesn't work.
- connect to VPN.
- get on Netflix.

So when it was all said and done, I realized that some people watch movies on a big screen all the time, and it's called a flat screen TV. Sigh. At least our girls will remember what a big deal it was to watch a movie on a screen bigger than a computer monitor.

(And hopefully not how frazzled it made mom.)


Ariana said...

I like your method. We are work-with-what-you've-got types, and just can't stomach spending $2000 on a tv.

Crys said...

That is a lot of steps....ah yes the big screen. We have 32 inch is the biggest TV I've ever owned in my life...often kids come over and say..."wow you have a small TV".....

Ariana said...

We bought our 32" flat screen when we bought our house...and it seemed extravagant at the time. We all have good vision (when I have my contacts or glasses) so I don't see why we would need anything bigger on a regular basis.


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