Friday, April 03, 2015

April 3rd, outsourced

In honor of General Conference this weekend, I give you "Happy." My favorite part is that they used L. Tom Perry and his peculiar pronunciation for "roof." [HT Suzanne]

"Bicycle face" - a 19th-century health problem made up to scare women away from biking. It's described in part as "usually flushed, but sometimes pale, often with lips more or less drawn, and the beginning of dark shadows under the eyes, and always with an expression of weariness." Sounds about right. [HT Anna]

Sgt. Colledge from this photo is my BIL, and the photo does not lie: he is astonishingly good with babies.

It's too expensive to live in Dubai, so people deal with the gridlock commute. This is so true and it's annoying. Traffic is so, so, so bad driving between Sharjah and Dubai.

This was the Gulf News' April Fool's Day joke: UAE to ban SUVs by early 2016. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

I thoroughly enjoyed this flashback to the late 90s at the BYU! Almost everything was the same when I was a freshman a year later, except the new library entrance was open and they had just started online registration.

Researchers looking into how "important" certain languages are created these infographics showing relationships between language and book translations, Wikipedia entries, and tweets. So interesting.


Ariana said...

HA! I know the person who wrote that 100 Hour Board thing. She was my dorm neighbor my freshman year.

ETree said...

I love the 100 Hour Board one. That was the entertainment of the Bubble. I remember calling to register and walking around the giant hole in the middle of campus to get anywhere. Awesome!

Sarah Cook said...

That version of Happy was so funny!


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