Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goodbye, Gil

Gilbert Blythe (Jonathan Crombie) is dead.

Anne of Green Gables (and Anne of Avonlea) was a HUGE part of my media consumption as a kid, as my sister can confirm. We were bored? Pull out the VHS. We were sick? Pull out the VHS. Christmas vacation from school? Staying up late in the summer? Yeah. At first, our copy of the movie was a VCR recording from Wonderworks (with the hot air balloon intro) or PBS or whatever it was that first broadcast Anne of Green Gables. Eventually we must have worn it out because my parents bought a real VHS of it. Where can I even watch it now? How can I make sure my kids grow up to be right-minded and well balanced, which they cannot be unless they have internalized this movie?

I'm due for a re-watch, myself.

Here's my favorite Gil moment, as in, my sister and I laugh about it/love it to this day: when he Stand-up Claps for Anne after her performance at the White Sands Club (?) and his hair is all bouncy and his face is all bouncy. Of course there is a gif (though it's not long enough in my opinion).

Please tell me you have cherished favorite memories of these movies, too.


Crys said...

Is it possible he was my first love....most definitely. My sisters and I watched these all the time. Best part for me....called off engagement. That is all. So sad to hear this news yesterday.

Susanne said...

I adored Gilbert.

I couldn't believe it when I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and people were sharing that he had died on the 15th.

Bridget said...

So so sad. I think part of the reason this has made me so sad is that I never saw him play any other part. He ONLY ever was Gilbert Blythe. There were no dumb roles or other movies to change that image. So he really is Gilbert!

Susanne said...

Same for me, Bridget.

Even one of your friends recently mentioned Gilbert Blythe's "sorry" in a recent post. I always remember that "sorry," too.

Ariana said...

We recorded it off PBS when I was a kid, and nearly wore out the tapes. I LOVED that show. I was never into princess crap, or Disney, or other pink sparkly girly stuff. Anne of Green Gables was my idea of awesome. I can still recite the lines from the Lady of Shalott that Anne reads in the show. haha
I loved that she was smart, competitive, confident, a good teacher, and such a blessing for Matthew and Marilla. Yup, I was a little obsessed.

Shannan Deshazer said...

He was my first love no question! I was just as obsessed as you - we watched our VCR recording (when they would show it in its entirey during the Christmas holiday fundraising drive so we had to FF through the fundraising talk). My best friend and I would reenact the scenes (walking the ridge of the roof) during recess.

My hands down favorite was when they walked as young adults on the bridge and he turned to her and said, "there won't be any diamond starbursts or marble halls" and she says, "I don't want diamond starbursts or marble halls...... I just want you (the music wells up and they kiss)"


Ariana said...

I should have bought the DVDs on amazon a couple years ago when I was thinking about it. Now they are out of stock everywhere. :( I found the first episode somewhere on youtube and watched it with my little boy (who loved it!). Now he's wanting to know what happens next and I can't find the rest anywhere.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Sad about Gilbert. I haven't watched "Anne" in years. It's time to do it with my grandkids.


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