Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sleeping off Sri Lanka

We are in Sri Lanka for spring break. I tend to see new countries in terms of other foreign countries I've already visited,  but I am drawing a blank on Sri Lanka. It's like nowhere I've ever been.
We arrived via a night flight, which was suitably awful. We slept it off this morning and then headed out to church at the Mormon ward in Negombo. I was so giddy to be there - I went to Primary with the girls and I just sat in the back grinning the whole time.
This place is THE BEST in Sterling's opinion because there are tuk tuks and motorcycles and buses and cars zipping around everywhere. I can't wait until we see elephants!


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Can't wait to hear the details of your activities and to hear how the kids react to elephants!

Susanne said...

Cool! Why was Primary so funny to you? Were native Sri Lankans at the service? What are they like?

A friend lived there awhile many years ago while working with OM. I liked hearing stories from Sri Lanka. Eager to read more from you!

Happy Easter!

Crys said...

What! You guys are the coolest!

Hannah said...

I've been curious about Sri Lanka, so I really look forward to reading more about your trip!

Jennifer said...

So cool!


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