Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby comparisons

The girls and I were looking at their baby pictures the other day and I was struck by how different I looked after each of the kids' births.

Shellshocked, with Miriam:

I AM AWESOME natural birth high, with Magdalena:

I am still awesome and so is natural birth but I am so glad it's over, with Sterling:

Then there are the babies themselves. Here are all three kids at age 5 months:

And again at 20 months (Sterling's current age).

The girls don't actually look that much alike at all, either as babies or nowadays, and some days I see more of one sister in Sterling and some days the other. I don't think Magdalena looks like either Jeremy or me. Sterling is a copy of his dad and people tell me all the time that Miriam is a copy of me.

Funny that we family members can all look alike somehow and yet so different!


Susanne said...

I love these comparison pictures. It's funny to me how they all have big grins at 5 months, and at 20 months it's like: I don't have time to smile for a photo, Mom.

Liz Johnson said...

I love these!! Those pictures of you are so gorgeous - all three of them say so much. I think Magdalena and Sterling look soooo much alike. I hadn't ever seen you in Miriam, but now that you mention it, I can totally see it. Funny how that happens.

Jen and Joe. said...

I *aspire* to the levels of "shell-shocked Bridget." My post-birth pictures are...well...you know.

Jennifer said...

I love these comparisons.

And I just want to give shell shocked Bridget a hug.

Crys said...

Look how ridiculously pulled together your hair is with Magdalena and Sterling. I'm going to just remember you with Miriam because I feel like I always have that wild eye loom after birth. It males me feel better you had it at least once ;). Magdalena is like this little imp child. Like fairies came and left you a little surprise...one of their own. I love seeing my siblings in my children. I'd probably love seeing myself but alas none of my children look like me at all so instead I'm secretly please they mostly all look like my beautiful sisters, including my son. All of your children are adorable! I feel like now we just need comparison shots of you and Jeremy at the kids ages as well!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Magdalena = Janice + Heather

Bridget said...

Susanne, so true! It was hard to find photos of them even looking at the camera at age 20 months.

Jennifer, I want to give me a hug, too. :(

Crys, even though you have never met my Majd, you have just described her perfectly! It really shows through in her eyes and smile. And there is plenty of wild-eye going on with me in the picture with Sterling, you just can't see it. :)

Susanne said...

I love the idea of seeing a baby Jeremy and Bridget!

Also, I love Majd's eyes and smiles. She makes me smile by just seeing her sparkling eyes. There was a picture you or your mom posted of a grandmother and she (your grandma) had a look - tilt of the head, eyes, smile, SOMETHING that reminded me of Majd.

Also, who is Janice and Heather? Cousins?

I know you may not see this post since my comments don't send email notifications any more. Oh well!


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